Weld purging innovator, Huntingdon Fusion Techniques (HFT®), has manufactured the smallest range of Weld Trailing Shields® available on the current market at just 40mm long.

The devices have been designed to provide additional surface protection and allow faster weld times, doubling the surface area being shielded whilst simultaneously allowing access to tiny spaces.

The shields are effectively long gas cups that are fixed and dragged behind the welding torch creating an argon (Ar) gas shield, protecting the metal being welded until it cools below oxidation temperatures.

The new, lightweight instruments are compatible with all standard manual or automatic gas tungsten arc welding and plasma welding torches. Additionally, the new invention allows the welding torch to be carried at 90o to the weld.

Ron Sewell, Chairman at the UK-based business, detailed, “With the lack of commercially available small Weld Training Shields, users have been required to fabricate their own using innovative methods, however HFT has now designed and developed the smallest Weld Trailing Shields available.”

The video below outlines the main benefits and features of the new series.