Germany-based hydrogen plants specialist, Caloric, has been awarded a contract for the engineering and manufacturing of a new hydrogen generation plant from a major chemical company in Indonesia.

According to Caloric, the plant will be able to produce 700 Nm³/h H2 by methanol reforming and industrial operation is scheduled for first quarter 2014.

A pressure swing adsorption unit following the reforming process will ensure high purity of the product. One specific feature of the plant will be its very compact design, allowing the operation a hydrogen generator also on sites with limited space.

The contract with the Indonesian company includes the basic and detailed engineering, plus the entire equipment supply of the methanol reformer including technical assistance during erection, commissioning and start-up of the plant.

Caloric sees the contract as emphasising its strong market position in Asia; the plant is the company’s sixth plant in the region within the last three years. Caloric is also further continuing to strengthen its global market position in providing pre-fabricated production facilities in modular skid design.

The unit will be completely pre-assembled and tested in Germany prior to shipping.