The iNet DS docking station from Industrial Scientific has been introduced and enables the remote maintenance of portable gas detectors and data transfer.

The iNet DS mobile kit is regarded by Industrial Scientific as the ideal solution for gas detection instrument users who typically work in mobile environments.

It includes a carrying case, 3G/4G wireless router, 12V truck charging cable and Ethernet cable, and is designed to contain the docking station while connected to a gas cylinder and wireless router.

The router enables the docking station to be connected to the Internet, allowing for data uploading to iNet following automatic calibration, record-keeping, diagnostics, firmware upgrades, and battery recharging.

iNet is a software-based service that solves common challenges faced in gas detection programs related to the maintenance of gas detector fleets and the lack of visibility into instrument alarms, exposure and usage. Today, there are more than 70,000 gas monitors operating on iNet at worksites around the world.