Gasworld’s Business Information Service is a collaboration between the respected consultancy, the Spiritus Group, and gasworld.

The aim being to combine the trusted databases and analytical skills from Spiritus with the global and editorial resources that gasworld has developed.

The gasreports series of country profiles is aimed to provide up-to-date information on the market size and supply structure of industrial gases in each country analysed, in order to support each subscriber’s future business and strategic decisions, with timely and valuable data.

Each report contains a 10-year history and five-year forecast of the respective gases markets.

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Bahrain Report: Bahrain is a relatively small gases market and has been serviced by two main domestic players until 2010. Further investment in important industries is leading to international investment in this market.



Kuwait Report: Kuwait is an important market in that it is domestically a reasonably sized market, but its low cost production base has led to it being an important exporter of air gases to neighbouring countries. Do you want to find out more on the structure of this market and its projected growth?



Oman Report: Oman was also a relatively small market but since the development of the Sohar Industrial Area, the country has attracted investment from international gas companies. Who are the domestic players and how have they responded in terms of investment?



Qatar Report: Once a small market supplied by a few domestic players, recent investment in huge GTL projects and the involvement of major international gas companies has led to an acceleration in growth in the gases business over the past five years.



Saudi Report: This is by far the largest market in the Arabian Peninsula and the market dynamics in recent years have significantly changed with major international players recently acquiring domestic players. What influence does the National Industrial Gas Co. have in this market?



Yemen Report: Despite the recent political turmoil, an industrial gases business does exist and, while very small, is growing. Should stability be restored, the market will no doubt benefit from the planned new investment should that happen.



United Arab Emirates Report: The UAE has significantly changed from its former trading hub status in the 1980/90s to become the second largest market in the region. This is the most competitive market and its location and opportunities has led to four major international gas companies establishing a presence.