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  • Welding Companies NEW

    Business Intelligence Financial expands coverge


    gas world Business Intelligence is expanding its online financial analysis offering to now include coverage of Tier Two industrial gas companies, welding companies and other equipment and engineering firms related to the industrial gas industry.

  • yokohama japan

    What is TNSC’s Ortus strategy?


    In the third instalment of the business plan series, gasworld Business Intelligence explores TNSC’s Ortus strategy.

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    Praxair-Linde merger: Impact in Europe


    Find out more about how the potential Praxair/Linde merger may impact the European industrial gases business.

  • Messer group

    Tier One capacity additions bolster Chinese industrial gas market


    China is currently the second largest industrial gas market in the world, behind the US. Many Tier One companies are therefore keen to expand their respective footprints in the region, as displayed by the following recent capacity additions.

  • barcelona spain

    Regional Focus – Iberia


    The Iberian industrial gas market, incorporating Portugal and Spain, was valued at just over $1.4bn in 2015. The region has experienced growth of 1.4% p.a. over the course of the last decade (2005-2015).

  • Doe canyon he facility air products

    What is the Air Products Five-Point Plan?


    On the 18 th of September 2014, newly appointed CEO Seifi Ghasemi introduced the Air Products Five-Point Plan. Prior to his appointment at Air Products, Ghasemi has had a history of successfully restructuring companies under his control.

  • seoul south korea

    Country Focus – South Korea


    In this month’s country focus, gasworld Business Intelligence looks in to the dynamcis of South Korea’s industrial gas market.

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    Exploring the impact of the Praxair-Linde merger in South America


    As speculations continues to grow around the potential impact of the Praxair-Linde merger, gas world Business Intelligence looks into the consequences for the South American region in more detail.

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    Business Intelligence Financial - Taiyo Nippon Sanso - Q4 2016


    gas world Business Intelligence provides you with a free sample of its quarterly financial reports. 

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    What is Air Liquide’s NEOS strategy?


    On the 6 th July 2016, at its Capital Markets Day, Air Liquide announced the implementation of a customer-centric, profitable growth strategy ‘NEOS’, for the period 2016-2020.

  • china business deal

    Is Yingde a good fit for Air Products?


    gas world Business Intelligence examines whether Yingde is a good fit for the US-based, Tier One company.

  • global primer cover

    New market reports focusing on Praxair-Linde deal


    The prospective Praxair-Linde merger has the potential to completely change the face of the global industrial gases industry and would crown a new global market leader.

  • linde helium dewars January 2017

    What is Linde’s LIFT programme?


    In its Q3 2016 conference call with shareholders, the Linde Group released a new three-year efficiency programme, Linde LIFT. But what exactly does this strategic business plan entail?

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    BI - Reports

    gasreport: South America - Brazil


    A number of new capacity additions, planned to come on stream in the next five years, should help the market achieve its potential and return to posting good growth rates over the next few years. 

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    BI - Reports

    gasreport: South America - Uruguay


    The Uruguayan economy has managed to achieve year-on year growth over the past decade, averaging at 4.3% p.a.

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    BI - Reports

    gasreport: South America - Venezuela


    The industrial gas market in Venezuela produced total revenues figures of $185m in 2015 and has experienced an average annual growth rate of around 6% over the past decade. 

  • gasreport: Africa 2012 - North Africa Cover
    BI - Reports

    gasreport: Africa - North Africa


    In this report we consider 5 countries across North Africa: Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia, Libya, Egypt. Within the 2018-2023 timeframe, gas world business intelligence predict growth from 7.8% p.a. in a low scenario to 10.0% p.a. in a high scenario. Accordingly, the industry in North Africa is expected to achieve ...

  • gasreport: Africa 2012 - West Africa Cover
    BI - Reports

    gasreport: Africa - West Africa


    In this report we consider 16 countries across West Africa: from Senegal in the west to Cameroon and Gambia in the east, via notable markets such as Côte d’Ivoire, Ghana and - not least - Nigeria.

  • gasreport: Africa 2012 - East Africa Cover
    BI - Reports

    gasreport: Africa - East Africa


    In this report we primarily consider 5 countries in East Africa: Kenya, Tanzania, Uganda, Rwanda and Burundi.

  • South Korea currency financial

    Daesung Industrial Gases featured in South Korean industrial gas report


    With increased attention being drawn to the deal to acquire Daesung Industrial Gases, gas world Business Intelligence is pleased to announce the publication of its South Korea industrial gas market report.