Financial Reports

Financial analysis of the industrial gases industry provided by gasworld’s Business Intelligence team - written by leading industry experts and financial consultants.


The Business Intelligence Financial Report is an authoritative and widely-referenced analysis of the key events and leading company performances in the industrial gas sector.

Executive Summary (Sample)

The global economy remained challenging. Although output in developed economies continued to rise, it was still below 2008 levels, while growth in all the major developing economies (BRIC) slowed and in some cases remains weak. Overall, global industrial output in Q2 was marginally up YoY and underpinned modest growth performance in gases.

In May 2014, gasworld acquired the publication rights and databases associated with Spiritus Consulting’s Quarterly Financial Programme. All future publications and on-line Financial reporting of the industrial gases business will be under the gasworld Business Intelligence service.

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Report Features

  • Industrial gases financial and business analysis
  • Regional and end use market dynamics (2nd quarter report)
  • Major corporate activity at a glance (incl. projects)
  • Industry revenue and growth trends
  • Capacity leverage, pricing impact and benefits
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Financial Report Benefits

  • Informing and enabling key decision makers
  • Overall industry performance (Historically and quarterly)
  • Analytical insight into Q1.Q2.Q3.Q4 industry trends
  • Reliable and expert generated
  • Affordable and up to date
  • Online Summary and in report form (PDF)

Why Subscribe?

Subscription ensures receipt of the next four quarterly issues, which will provide commentary on the performance of the key Tier 1 gas companies, the industry as a whole and a review of most of the Tier 2 players who provide quarterly and/or annual reports. Projects and significant strategic announcements by the industry are also highlighted as and when they happen.

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