Gas Reports: South America

This series of reports provides information on the market size and supply structure of industrial gases in North America. Currently our information on this region uses 2014 as a base year.

Due to the sheer size and complexity of the North America market, gasworld Business Intelligence have produced eight regional reports to cover the country’s industrial gas market. Revenues generated by the commercial industrial gas market in the country reached almost $20 billion in 2014, and forecasts predict strong growth of between 2.7% p.a. and 3.7 p.a., up to 2020.

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gasreport: South America - Venezuela


The industrial gas market in Venezuela produced total revenues figures of $185m in 2015 and has experienced an average annual growth rate of around 6% over the past decade.

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gasreport: South America - Peru


The most important end-use sector from a point of view of gas sales in Peru is the metallurgical sector, which accounts for almost half of the revenues in the country.

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gasreport: South America - Ecuador


In recent years, economic activity in the country has benefitted from a favourable international context, particularly from improving terms of trade.

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gasreport: South America - Colombia


Colombia has witnessed strong economic growth over the past decade – averaging at 4.1% per year. Growth has however been slowing over the past few years – like many other South American economies, the fall in commodity prices and a decline in exports have effected growth.

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gasreport: South America - Bolivia


Bolivia is home to one of the smallest, yet fastest growing, industrial gas markets in South America.

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gasreport: South America - Uruguay


The Uruguayan economy has managed to achieve year-on year growth over the past decade, averaging at 4.3% p.a.

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gasreport: South America - Paraguay


The industrial gases market in Paraguay was estimated to be worth $24m in 2015. This is up from $12m in 2005, indicating an average annual growth rate of 7% per year.

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gasreport: South America - Chile


Within the 2018-2023 timeframe, gasworld business intelligence predict growth from 6.5% p.a. in a low scenario to 10.4% p.a. in a high scenario. Accordingly, the industry in Chile is expected to achieve revenues of between $435m to $521m by 2023.

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gasreport: South America - Argentina


Argentina is home to the second largest industrial gas market in South America, although, remains dwarfed by it Brazilian counterpart.

Rio de Janeiro Brazil

gasreport: South America - Brazil


A number of new capacity additions, planned to come on stream in the next five years, should help the market achieve its potential and return to posting good growth rates over the next few years.