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gasworld’s Business Intelligence Online Service presents headline data and analysis on the market size and supply structure of the industrial gas sector across a large sub-set of countries and regions around the world.

Now available on subscription at a rate of $12,000 USD per 12-month period.

Subscriber Benefits

Developed as on online Executive Summary of the, gasreports series of country profile reports – subscribers will benefit from direct and instant access to accurate profiles of gas markets around the World. Effectively there will be a live information dashboard for every country analyzed.

Added Value ...

As an added value to subscribers, access will also be provided to the well known and trusted Spiritus Financial Reports which are generated on a quarterly basis and provides excellent insight into the performance of the top Tier 1 companies around the world and for the industry as a whole. Subscribers to this online service will also receive 25% discount off all gasworld's country reports.

Dashboard Features

  • Live data
  • Interactive graphs
  • Executive summaries
  • Market share insights
  • Growth and forecast
  • Facilities Maps

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Who Uses This Service?

  • Industrial gas companies
  • Equipment manufacturers
  • Regulators / Health and safety legislation
  • Financial institutions
  • Investment Bankers
  • Technology firms
  • Regional industry clients
  • Service providers
  • Strategic planners

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If you are already a business intelligence online subscriber please follow the links below to explore the available dashboards and profiles in the Financial Reports and Gas Reports sections.

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