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BI Financial Online is a new service where users are able to stay up-to-date on the developments and performances of the Tier 1 industrial gas companies through an annual subscription package.

Access entitles the client to interact with our detailed financial dashboards online and receive a company-specific email shortly after each of the companies’ quarterly releases summarising the contents of the respective publications. This will allow the user to receive an initial-analysis bulletin that highlights the underlying fundamentals of the report, before the more-detailed financial dashboard is compiled and uploaded in the near future.

Financial dashboards include

Macro economics Dashboard:

  • Industrial Production Trends
  • Industrial Production Growth
  • Global Energy Pricing
  • Gas Industry Stocks

Industrial Gases Dashboard:

  • Industry Growth
  • Industry Revenue Trends
  • Industrial Gas Revenue Drivers
  • Industry EBIT Margin
  • Return Capital Employed
  • Capex Run Rate


The business intelligence online financial service is for a 12 months period. The renewal rate will be based on the tarif active at the time of renewal.

Subscription price: $2,000 USD

Click on the credit card symbol you would like to use for payment.

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