US 2019 Country Report

An in-depth analysis of the US industrial gas market

gasworld Business Intelligence has produced a report covering the key changes to the US industrial gas market over the last several years.

The US 2019 Country Report gives an executive summary of the 2019 US industrial gases business. It is an in-depth analysis of the industrial gas market landscape that has emerged in the US since the Linde-Praxair merger. The report includes maps of gas production facilities across the United States, as well as capacity lists of the main production facilities with the divested plants locations.

Regional analysis includes:

  • Overview of each US region: New England, Mid Atlantic, Great Lakes, Plains, South West, South East, West Coast and Mountain Region
  • Company profiles for the largest market players in each region. Short summaries for smaller but still notable players
  • Market splits by gas company, by supply mode and by gas type
  • Market analysis by end-user segments
  • Five-year forecast based on high and low scenarios of the market development

Why this report?

  • Gain a competitive advantage in the current climate
  • Gives you a comprehensive understanding of the US market post-merger
  • In-depth analysis that helps you make informed and effective decisions
  • Allows you faster and more accurate future planning
  • Can help back up claims when negotiating

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