Air Liquide Electronics has received a patent from the Chinese Patents Office related to the application of ZyALD™ in semiconductor processing.

The grant of the patent follows the recent granting of patents in several other states, including South Korea, Singapore, Taiwan and several European countries, with a favorable outcome also expected in various other jurisdictions.

The usage of ZyALD™ and other similar molecules for high-k deposition is now covered by 11 granted patents worldwide, and 13 additional pending applications.

ZyALD™ - Tris(dimethylamino)cyclopentadienyl Zirconium - is a key zirconium precursor (functionalized molecule) in the family of molecules addressed in the granted patents. It is engineered to enable high temperature Atomic Layer Deposition (ALD) processes for deposition of zirconium based dielectrics in the manufacturing of semiconductors.

First introduced to the industry in 2006, ZyALD™ has now become the mainstream high-k precursor in DRAM manufacturing worldwide, replacing conventional molecules which do not provide the required functionalities at high temperatures. ZyALD™ has also found applications for the high-k layer in for BEOL MIM structure and e-DRAM.

With its superior physico-chemical properties, including its high volatility, thermal stability and high growth rate, ZyALD™ has served as a drop-in replacement, allowing end-users to transition seamlessly from conventional chemistries while benefiting from an expanded process window in the manufacturing process.

ZyALD™ is manufactured at Air Liquide’s ALOHA™ Manufacturing centers, which are located in California (US), Chalon (France) and Tsukuba (Japan), serving the global customer base.