Technology from high-pressure fluid control systems specialist Hale Hamilton has recently been part of an installation at a data processing facility in Stockport, Greater Manchester, UK.

The Co-operative Bank took delivery of the world’s largest compressed air UPS system to protect its data processing facility.

Integral to the new solution is Hale Hamilton’s valve manifold solution, which is used as part of Energetix Air-DRUPS (compressed air, diesel, rotary UPS) system.

Energetix’s Air-DRUPS solution combines high-efficient double conversion UPS technology with energy storage in the form of compressed air. This allows the system to provide maximum efficiency at just half load, while the compressed air batteries consume only a small amount of power during standby.

The Hale Hamilton valve manifold solution is part of this system and at the heart of that is a proportionally controlled cartridge pressure regulator and a high-speed solenoid valve. Ian Davies, sales director at Hale Hamilton Valves Ltd, indicated that the development of the product had been a few years in the making, in order to meet the demanding technical and commercial constraints applied.

Part of that challenge was to ensure that the pneumatic control module was compact, with minimal connections. This ensured that the unit could be installed close to the scroll expander, and that any potential leak points were kept to a minimum.