France-based medical oxygen generator manufacturer Rifair has announced the launch of a new generation of mobile turnkey solutions for onsite oxygen production.

The new generation of turnkey products has acquired a new ergonomic design, coupled with technical improvements to enhance its performance and usability.

Rifair preceded the recent Oxygen 93% Monograph’s requirements in Europe four years before its publication and is regarded as something of a pioneer in this area.

Onsite oxygen and medical gas production is an economic and safe alternative to gas in cylinders. Hospitals do not need storage area and special staff to manipulate the cylinders any more: purest oxygen is available 24/7 in the needed quantity. Further still, this method of delivery is useful for mobile units like disaster facilities or military hospitals, where rapid access to medical gases becomes a crucial issue.

Rifair’s containers are suitable for any medical facilities, whether clinics, mobile or military hospitals, or disaster facilities. Rifair’s aim is to help mobile healthcare units to provide accessible, affordable and quality healthcare everywhere – and its new generation of solutions offers a range of benefits.

Key benefits include economy, rapid return on investment, flexibility, safety, plug’n’play capability, and autonomy.