Japan’s Iwatani Corporation has taken its second CO2 recovery and purification plant from Union Engineering and put it into operation, as it seeks to strengthen its supply to the nearby China market.

Iwatani is a major player in the gases industry with a range of projects under development in Japan as well as in the rest of South East Asia. Denmark-based Union Engineering is a world leader in CO2 technology, and the company sets the standard for sustainable technologies in a world with rising concern for environmental footprint.

The new plant for Iwatani is part of the company’s efforts to further strengthen its position as a leading supplier of highly pure CO2 in China. The CO2 containing by-products stream from ethylene oxide and ethylene glycol production is often emitted to atmosphere; by implementing a recovery plant this waste gas can be purified to highly pure CO2 and developed into a profitable business.

The modern day ethylene oxide plant is a highly efficient process plant designed to minimise energy use and waste generation. However, due to the nature of the process, carbon dioxide is generated as a by-product during the oxidation process.

Sales manager Liu Peng, Union Engineering in China, explained, “CO2 is a product with still increasing demand. In China a large amount of the CO2 used for food and beverage applications are produced from natural CO2 wells… rather than releasing this naturally stored CO2 to the atmosphere we see a trend that moves towards recovery of CO2 from CO2 rich by-products streams from a range of industrial processes. “

“This trend creates a win-win solution for all partners involved, the environment considered one of them.”