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    Exclusive: Pro Gases UK talks CO2 shortages, bio-CO2 demands and company growth


    Industrial gases, bulk gases, contract filling, and cylinders: These are the four main pillars of business for Pro Gases UK Limited (Pro Gases), a family run business which in the last couple of years has expanded and grown, having entered the industrial gases market.

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    WATCH: The UK’s first large scale DAC facility


    WATCH: The UK’s first large scale direct air capture (DAC) facility, which will remove up to one million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from the air annually is “just the start.”

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    Luxfer: Hydrogen transportation is happening right now and we’re going to see huge uptake


    Land, sea, rail or air: If it’s a hydrogen mobility application, Luxfer Gas Cylinders has more than likely got it covered.

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    Women in Gases: An interview with Becky Rix


    Having been part of the industrial gases market since 2018, when she started working at UK-based Roadgas, Becky Rix has built up a passion for both the industry she is immersed in and the role she plays within it today.

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    SINTEF: We cannot go back to ‘business as usual’ after COP26


    “We cannot go back to ‘business as usual;’ coming out of COP26 there must be an advanced level of accountability and transparency on any climate goals set, since we are currently way off track to meet Paris targets.”

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    Equigas talks challenges, trends and opportunities with gasworld TV


    Business is certainly booming for Equigas – and the family run business  believes there is still plenty of opportunities to come as the US industrial gases market continues to grow.

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    We cannot afford to lose momentum in medical oxygen


    We cannot afford to lose momentum in medical oxygen, and for many low and middle-income countries (LMICs) the difficulties in accessing oxygen are systemic and long-term. That’s according to Robert Matiru, Director of the Programme Division at Unitaid, speaking in an exclusive interview with gasworld.

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    Interview: Chart Industries CEO Jill Evanko on LNG landscape


    If you take a look at some of the new LNG (liquefied natural gas) export projects in the US over the next year, chances are Chart Industries played a significant part in what you see. Chart has positioned itself firmly in the clean energy and fuels space with hydrogen and ...

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    10 minutes with…Henry Boshoff


    Take 10 minutes out with Henry Boshoff, Business Manager, Industrial & Special Gases at Afrox.

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    The journey has only just started


    CEO Rohit Behani reflects on a momentous anniversary for Tekno Valves and what it hopes will be an equally illustrious future ahead, in an exclusive interview with gasworld, by Rob Cockerill.

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    Putting the specialty in specialty gases


    Maria Chruzander, CEO of Sweden’s Skandinaviska Gasprodukter AB (SGP), discusses the importance of a niche within a niche in an interview for gasworld by Rob Cockerill.

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    Momentum and maturity at RealGaz


    Hulya Ibadova, Business Development Director at RealGaz LLC, discusses achievements, accolades and applications growth in Azerbaijan and beyond, with Rob Cockerill.

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    Moving towards the future… with LNG


    Moving towards the future with LNG: An interview with PRF Gas Solutions.

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    Floating power plants


    LNG and a platform for Africa’s power problems, in focus during an exclusive interview with Zeynep Harezi, Managing Director at Karpowership.

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    10 minutes with…François Piat & Romuald Machac


    Take ten minutes out with François Piat, Foam & Converting Division Director, and Romuald Machac, Business Development Manager, at Hutchinson, to discuss the company’s products for the LNG sector and the challenges ahead.

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    LNG has taken off stronger than ever


    Andrés Saldivia, Business Development and Managing Partner at Hysytech, talks all things LNG and explains why Bio-LNG is such a compelling clean fuel in the here and now, in an exclusive interview for gasworld. By Rob Cockerill.

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    Saskatchewan’s emergence as a new helium hub


    The Canadian province of Saskatchewan wants to have 10% of the global market share for helium by 2030. In figures, such a vision equates to $500m in capital investment, $250m in exports and hundreds of jobs – a huge opportunity for both the province and the ever-changing helium market, especially ...

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    Exclusive: An interview with Ratermann Manufacturing


    In this exclusive interview with Marie Ratermann, Director of Business Development at Ratermann Manufacturing, gasworld looks back at some of Ratermann’s stand out moments, what it is currently focused on, the launch of the Ratermann Women’s Roundtable and the returun of industry events. 

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    10 minutes with…Dr. Peter Biedenkopf


    Take 10 minutes out with Dr. Peter Biedenkopf, General Manager at INMATEC.

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    Anova Transcends beyond monitoring tanks


    Anova’s latest product is suitably called Anova Transcend™ because as CEO Chet Reshamwala explains, its release this year has enabled the New Jersey-based telemetry company to go beyond monitoring gas tanks.