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  • Carlos fornas

    10 minutes with...Carlos Fornas


    Take 10 minutes out with Carlos Fornas, Cryogenic Engineer Industrial Manager at Nitrotec Industrias Metalúrgicas, as he provides an introduction to Nitrotec and the business trends the company is seeing at the moment.

  • Robert eshelman

    10 minutes with...Robert Eshelman


    Take 10 minutes out with Robert Eshelman, President and General Manager of Rock Hill, Atlas Copco, as he provides an update on the company’s history and activities and the trends the company is seeing in the market.

  • Diego de stefani.

    10 minutes with...Diego De Stefani


    Take 10 minutes out with Diego De Stefani, Director of Sales, Compressed Gas Equipment at Cavagna Group, as he provides an update on the company’s activities and progress made on recently opened sites in South America.

  • dohmeyer tunnel for hamburgers

    Forget what you knew about cryogenic freezing


    An interview with Dohmeyer Director Fabian Van Damme, by Jemima Owen-Jones.

  • cryoin engineering

    Created by nature, upgraded by Cryoin


    Cryoin Engineering is one of the leading global manufacturers of rare gases, as Joanna Sampson learns in an interview with Director Larisa Bondarenko.

  • thibaud guittard

    10 minutes with...Thibaud Guittard


    Take 10 minutes out with Thibaud Guittard, Business Developer at the Gazechim Group, as he talks about the company’s and services and what developments or projects Gazechim is bringing to the market in 2017/18.

  • bryan keen

    10 minutes with...Bryan Keen


    Take 10 minutes out with Bryan Keen, President of Keen Compressed Gas Company, as he talks about the company’s initiatives in 2018, e-commerce, and why it’s a significant year for the company as it stands on the brink of a century of business.

  • Global CCS Institute logo

    Exclusive: Global CCS on advocacy and communication


    In the last year, the Global CCS Institute stepped up its advocacy and communication efforts to raise awareness of the vital role of CCS as a climate change mitigator. gas world spoke exclusively with John Scowcroft, the Institute’s Executive Adviser to find out more about the organisation and its work. ...

  • Dirk M. Zschalich (Herose) and Ravin Mirchandani (Mack Valves)

    Partnerships – A route to renewed success


    On 10th October 2017, when the Herose Group and Mack Valves revealed the successful conclusion of their discussions  to create a joint venture company, it brought together two of the leading players in the industrial and cryogenic gas valves business.

  • welder weld root weld from inside of the housing of chemical apparatus

    10 minutes with...Fabrice Faucard


    Take 10 minutes out with Fabrice Faucard, Managing Director, Cutting Welding Technologies at GCE Group, as he discusses the cutting and welding markets and the company’s expertise in this area.

  • Pam Spaccarotella

    10 minutes with...Pam Spaccarotella


    Take 10 minutes out with Pam Spaccarotella, Member and Sole Owner of LGT Transport, LLC, and affiliates.

  • boc plant opening

    Exclusive: New CO2 plant 'a great fit'


    gas world spoke exclusively with Matthew Onions, Product Manager for Carbon Dioxide at BOC, to discover more about the partnership between BOC and Cargill and how BOC captures and purifies CO 2 .

  • MICHAEL D’AURIA, JIM HERMETET, 10 minutes with

    10 minutes with...Michael D’Auria and Jim Hermetet


    Take 10 minutes out with Michael D’Auria and Jim Hermetet, President and Vice-President of Sales, respectively, at American Gas Products/AGP Helium, as they talk about the company’s roots and how it has coped with keeping helium supply going during times of shortages.

  • Ned lane gawda

    If you can measure it, you can improve it


    gasworld interviews GAWDA President Ned Lane. By Ron Welter.

  • pascal mauberger mc phy

    Feeling the market traction


    McPhy Energy was founded almost 10 years ago (2008) to develop, manufacture and commercialise an innovative technology of solid-state hydrogen storage. Within just five years, the company had grown such that it was already enlarging its product offering to hydrogen generators based on water electrolysis. Here, Rob Cockerill interviews Chairman ...

  • agevah 2gen hydrogen industry

    The timing is right


    When AREVA H2Gen was established in 2014 it began so with a mission to become a leading French producer of carbon-free hydrogen. Formed from an alliance of three partners –ADEME, AREVA and Smart Energies subsidiary CETH2 – the company is an industrial start-up that develops and builds Proton Exchange Membrane ...

  • iain summerfield

    10 minutes with...Iain Summerfield


    Take 10 minutes out with Principal Consultant at Kiwa Gastec, Iain Summfield, as he discusses Kiwa’s role in the hydrogen sector and the company’s activities globally.

  • mark ralmy

    10 minutes with...Mark Raimy


    Take 10 minutes out with Mark Raimy, CEO of Welders Supply and the outgoing President of GAWDA.

  • advanceii400 r lr

    Interview: BOC discusses new welding technology


    In early September BOC, a member of The Linde Group, launched eight new welding models that offer the latest in welding technology to fabricators and businesses in Australia and New Zealand as part of a revamp of its welding range. Here gas world exclusively follows up with Fowles and ...

  • harjavalta kosti jylha

    Interview: AGA discusses recent renewal of gas factories


    gas world spoke to AGA’s Account Manager, Kosti Jylhä, to find out more about the reasons behind the project and why moving an entire factory from one location to another is so exceptional.