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    Exclusive: Cyl-Tec launches gas and unit converter mobile app


    In a world that is currently feeling the effects of a devastating pandemic, it is arguably now more important than ever to stay connected, whether that be with friends, family, customers or other business contacts.

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    Exclusive: Fortum’s high hopes for waste-to-energy CCS plants


    A waste-to-energy plant running in the Norwegian capital of Oslo could soon utilise ground-breaking CCS technology to help reduce carbon emissions as the country looks to power ahead with its green recovery.

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    Embracing renewable hydrogen - Aberdeen comes first


    “The buses are running like a dream,” says Councillor Philip Bell, Hydrogen Champion at Aberdeen City Council, in an exclusive interview with Stephen B. Harrison, for gasworld.

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    International Women’s Day: Women in industrial gases


    8 th March 2021, International Women’s Day. A day to celebrate celebrating the social, economic, cultural and political achievements of women across the globe.

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    Stronger together, but retaining independence


    If you are concerned about the succession of your business, the uncertain economic outlook or the possibility of rising taxes under the new administration, then Meritus Gas Partners believes it can help.

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    IBG: We still need oxygen


    Two weeks since Manaus hit the headlines for its tragic scenes of Covid casualties and dire oxygen shortages, gas world understands the situation remains grave in the Brazilian city.

  • IWDC logo

    Help is at hand


    Faced with changing demographics over the last decade where buyers are shifting to online shopping, further accelerated by our current global pandemic, the Independent Welding Distributors Cooperative (IWDC) is offering its members a way to improve their e-commerce strategy.

  • DataSmart Automatic Switchover System

    Meeting demands, staying innovative


    For Harris Products Group, a Lincoln Electric company, 2020 was a strong year for its specialty gas sector with an increased demand for products such as its changeover systems. In the last 12 months, Harris also provided critical help in setting up temporary hospitals to treat overspill patients suffering from ...

  • Linde plc COO Sanjiv Lamba

    Heroes, high hopes and hydrogen


    Thoughts on the industrial gases business in 2021, with Linde plc COO Sanjiv Lamba, by Rob Cockerill.

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    12 Days of Content: BCGA


    Negotiating the Covid-19 environment has been a key priority for the new CEO of the British Compressed Gases Association (BCGA), Ellen Daniels, this year.

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    12 Days of Content: Messer


    2020 has seen Messer conclude some very interesting investments in Europe, Asia and the Americas.

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    12 Days of Content: BOC South Pacific


    One of BOC South Pacific’s goals for 2020 was to continue working with customers in the emerging hydrogen and clean energy sectors.

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    The year that launched gasworld webinars


    In the absence of its industry-leading international events, gasworld ushered in a new era of free-to-view, dynamic industrial gas webinars in June 2020 – and looks ahead to an exciting programme of webinar discussion, debate and analysis in 2021.

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    12 Days of Content: EIGA


    For Philippe Cornille, General Secretary of the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), the two mega trends from the 2020 industrial gas year are saving lives under Covid-19 and hydrogen.

  • Stocking Fillers_Gw GASVESSEL

    Stocking Fillers: A Christmas gift from GASVESSEL


    Continuing the four-part Stocking Filler series is GASVESSEL  who told gas world that if they could gift someone just one innovation this year it would be its ultra-high volume 300 bar pressure vessel, FRACO.

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    12 Days of Content: Chart Industries


    Filled with acquisitions, new business ventures and milestone achievements, 2020 has undoubtably been an important year for Chart Industries as it continues to find ways to better serve its global customer base and keep up with new market trends.

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    12 Days of Content: Linde


    It’s been an extraordinary year for Linde. The world’s largest industrial gases group responded to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic whilst integrating two complex, multi-national companies.

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    Stocking Fillers: A Christmas gift from RIX Industries


    As the countdown to Christmas begins, demand for manufacturers around the world continues to grow as many strive to present loved ones with a thoughtful gift to celebrate the holidays.

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    Preview: Food for thought


    Cryogenic equipment manufacturer Dohmeyer is seeing a consumer shift towards plant-based protein products, driven by Flexitarianism – an increasingly popular diet centred on plant foods with the occasional inclusion of meat that claims to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health. “Flexitarians are mainly Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X ...

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    Exclusive: Ricos launches restyled gas cylinder bundle


    For Italian cylinder manufacturer Ricos, one of the main topics from these strange and uncertain times is the growth of smart working. “It’s something so far apart from our past lives and yet so present nowadays in our everyday life,” Michele Parise, Sales Manager, told gas world. “We like to ...