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    Exclusive: An introduction to deutraMed


    Founded in 2017, deutraMed is a Canadian deuterium-focused specialty chemical supplier that offers products with a wide range of purities and packaging options.

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    A great deal has changed


    Jim Appledorn could not mark his retirement after 43 years with Lincoln Electric as he wished due to the global coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic, so had to make do with a virtual send-off.

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    10 minutes with…Annarita Baldan


    Take 10 minutes out with Annarita Baldan, Principal Scientist Gas Analysis at VSL, as she discusses home working, gas analysis, NO2 mixtures and international collaboration, ahead of the upcoming Gas Analysis Control themed edition of gasworld magazine.

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    10 minutes with… James (Jim) Flaherty


    Take 10 minutes out with James (Jim) Flaherty, President and CEO of Adsorptech, as he discusses the company, its VSPSA oxygen portfolio and current prospects in the aquaculture sector.

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    10 minutes with… Andy Ghiz


    Take 10 minutes out with Andy Ghiz, Vice-President of Americas at Oxford Flow, as he discusses the company’s most popular products, key partnerships in the US and the best thing about working for Oxford Flow.

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    Medical demand, clean energy drive


    Exclusive interview with Peter Wagner, CEO of CIS and Nikkiso Clean Energy and Industrial Gases Group, by Nick Parkinson.

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    10 minutes with… Lawrence J. Hughes


    Take 10 minutes out with Lawrence J. Hughes, Vice-President/General Manager of AirSep, as he discusses the company’s role in fighting Covid-19 and AirSep’s plans for 2020.

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    Air Liquide Arabia: Hydrogen’s time has arrived


    When Air Liquide Arabia (ALAR) announced the start-up of its global-scale hydrogen production site in Yanbu Industrial City, on the West coast of the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, in 2015, it represented the largest industrial investment (€350m) and biggest ‘over-the-fence’ hydrogen contract of the group to date.

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    Cockerill on coronavirus


    If gas world’s Global Managing Editor Rob Cockerill has learned just one thing about the industrial gases business after his 12+ years working in the industry, it’s how incredibly robust it is.

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    Solid oxide electrolysis grows up at CSIRO


    gasworld speaks exclusively to Dr. Ani Kulkarni of Australia’s CSIRO to find out how his team’s R&D programme will enable solid oxide electrolysis (SOE) to contribute to decarbonisation of the energy and chemicals sectors.

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    Novair exclusive: Medical oxygen generation during a time of Covid-19


    The story of 2020 is, in one word, coronavirus. In fact, so widespread, rapid and devastating has the Covid-19 pandemic been, it threatens to expunge 2020 from the history books on so many levels.

  • Aritas Cryogenics CEO Özlem Sivrioğlu

    Strong teaming makes you strong


    Aritas Cryogenics CEO Özlem Sivrioğlu talks leadership, empowerment and ‘crashing’ the glass ceiling in an interview with Rob Cockerill.

  • Tim Lowrey

    10 minutes with… Tim Lowrey


    Take 10 minutes out with Tim Lowrey, Co-Founder/VP of Sales at ACT, as he discusses how ACT is responding to coronavirus, what growth drivers he is seeing and the biggest opportunity for ACT in the next five years.

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    Exclusive: Why asset tracking comes into its own during a pandemic


    It may be already be a challenging and unprecedented year, but 2020 is also a milestone year for software-as-a-service (SaaS) solutions innovator TrackAbout.

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    Exclusive: Oxygen demand up to 40 times greater than usual


    “Quite frankly, we have never seen such a high requirement and demand for oxygen cylinders,” says Martin Litvik, Commercial Director at Cylinders Holding a.s., in an exclusive interview with gas world.

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    National service


    All Safe Global CEO Matt Boettner explains his vision for a national network of cylinder requalification centers.

  • Arcieri

    10 minutes with… Mike Arcieri


    Take 10 minutes out with Mike Arcieri, of Weldship Corporation, as he discusses what products and services the company offers for the carbon dioxide market, what’s driving business and the best piece of advice he’s ever received.

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    10 minutes with… Eduardo Gil Elejoste


    Take 10 minutes out with Eduardo Gil Elejoste, President of Nippon Gases Europe, as he discusses Nippon Gases Europe’s first year in business, his industry background and what growth opportunities he sees in Europe.

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    The sweet spot in cylinders


    Cylinder design and manufacturing technology has evolved dramatically to support new markets and market demands over the years, and diversified metals manufacturing company Worthington has been at the forefront of innovating gas and liquid containment.

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    10 minutes with…Dr. Werner Ponikwar


    Just south of Munich is a suburb where Carl von Linde began his work to develop refrigeration cyclesIn this location today stands The Linde Group’s business, engineering and technical complex at Pullachseveral leading members of the Linde Hydrogen FuelTech team. gas world spoke exclusively to one such individual, Dr. Werner ...