Latest Product updates – Page 15

  • ColdJet-Dry-Ice

    Cold Jet launches E160 pelletizer


    The company has said its new product provides the best output to smallest footprint ratio in dry ice production. The E160 Pelletizer, a highly efficient dry ice extruder that has minimal space requirements and is designed to manufacture 3mm-16mm dry ice pellets and nuggets on demand.

  • AMETEK-Calibrator

    New HPC40 series “first mA loop calibrator”


    A new handheld pressure calibrator for process control delivers lab accuracy in field use and is the first mA loop calibrator fully compensated from -20 ° to 50 C.

  • Welding job rod

    Lincoln Electric adds to welding technologies


    Cleveland, Ohio-based Lincoln Electric has introduced the Vantage 520 SD engine-driven welder/generator to its comprehensive line of welding technology and hardgoods.

  • MiniLaser TDL analyser

    Groundbreaking TDL analyser launched by Servomex


    Servomex has launched the SERVOTOUGH MiniLaser Oxy, the world’s smallest cross-stack Tunable Diode Laser (TDL) gas analyser and the only TDL analyser specifically optimised for oxygen measurement.

  • Proton-OnSite

    World’s first delivered by Proton OnSite


    Proton OnSite , the world leader in Proton Exchange Membrane (PEM) water electrolyser technology, announced today the commercial launch of the one and two Megawatt (MW) M Series PEM Hydrogen Generation systems.

  • Frozen fruit,food

    Big gains in productivity for food processors


    According to Linde’s Head of Food Beverage department, “a million dollars a year or more could be saved – as well as gains in productivity and yield in high-volume operations.”

  • ITM-Power-Expansion

    ITM Power manufacturing facility expands


    ITM Power has begun a significant expansion of the manufacturing facilities at its Atlas Way site in Sheffield. The expansion includes two new test bays for acceptance testing of HGas Power-to-Gas units and the provision of a new 1MW substation.

  • Pfeiffer-Vacuum-Website

    Online option launched by Pfeiffer Vacuum


    The range of vacuum product options from the company is available for customers to experience – with films and 3D animations on offer, aimed to enhance the web experience.

  • Praxair

    Chrome-free coatings introduced by Praxair


    The company has a new line of chromium (VI)-free ceramic aluminium coatings for the aerospace and power generation industries. Praxair Surface Technologies’ new line of slurries sustainably produces coatings with the same high performance of legacy chrome-containing coatings.

  • Asset management – December 2014

    Lockhouse software selected by Chart


    This “virtual neck ring” for assets uses the devices that we all use on a daily basis to find and recover lost cylinders and tanks, as well as deliver critical information to end users.

  • Siemens-H

    Poland first for Siemens turbine


    Siemens has been awarded an order in Central Europe for the first time outside of Germany for turn-key erection of a combined cycle power plant to be equipped with the innovative Siemens H-Class gas turbine.

  • August 2014 Beautiful Earth North America

    Gas-to-Liquids investment in Texas


    Greyrock Energy, a company transforming natural gas into premium transportation fuels, today announced a final investment decision (FID) to deliver one of the world’s first small-scale Gas-to-Liquids (GTL) facilities.  

  • Alicat-firmware

    Firmware for flow meters and controllers launched


    American company Alicat has released the new Gas Select TM 5.0 firmware for its mass flow meters and controllers. The firmware comes as standard on all Alicat mass flow meters and controllers.

  • Vapour Delivery Module

    New all-in-one system from Bronkhorst


    The company, which is renowned for the manufacturing of mass flow meters and controllers, has designed a new series of Vapour Delivery Modules.

  • Air Products welding using argon

    Product debut from Air Products at FABTECH


    The company has announced it will debut its MaxxTM Pak portable shielding gas blending system at FABTECH 2014 – held next week from November 11th to 13th in Atlanta, Georgia.

  • Trakaid cylinder tracking

    Trakaid™ launches comprehensive solution


    The new option from the company aims to help provide users with timely and accurate delivery of gas in test certified cylinders.

  • WITT 150NA

    WITT unveils automatic acetylene regulation


    WITT-Gasetechnik has created a complete pressure regulating station for acetylene with an impressive 150 m³/h flow rate in the form of its new 150NA product.

  • Emissions from factory

    Pioneering NOx removal launched


    Linde has announced that it has launched a new innovative emissions removal technology called LoTOx™ - which is available for the power industry to benefit from. The new product targets nitrogen oxides (NOx) and is available to industry in North America.

  • Harding-CSC

    New integrity management team from Chesterfield


    gas world can exclusively reveal that Chesterfield Special Cylinders has launched a new integrity management team to work with owners and operators of high pressure gas storage vessels – as installed in rigs and ships.

  • WaveContact data concentrator

    FreeWave Technologies launches WaveContact range


    Solving challenging requirements in process automation, monitoring and control, FreeWave Technologies, Inc. has released its new WaveContact™ product family.