Argentina-based company Galileo will today present its Cryobox® LNG production nano station at the launch of the new ‘Francisco’ LNG-propelled ferry by maritime company Buquebus.

The ceremony will take place today at Buenos Aires port and will be honoured by the presence of the President of Argentina, Cristina Fernandez de Kirchner, as well as the President of Uruguay, Jose Mujica.

The Cryobox® is an LNG production nano station designed so that the private industry and communities can become their own LNG suppliers.

The event is regarded as a milestone in the history of sea transport since, as of 2nd October when the ferry launches its first trip with passengers on-board, Cryobox® technology will make Buquebus the first maritime company to supply its own LNG.

LNG will allow ‘Francisco’ to reduce combustion emissions by 98%, in marked contrast to traditional fuels. At the same time, it is estimated that the 66 tpd (tons per day) of LNG production required for its two daily frequencies will generate 50% savings within the operating expense.

Seven Cryobox® nano stations with a capacity of 84 tpd will be responsible for this LNG production.

Each Cryobox® unit is conceived as a module that can reach a maximum of 12 tpd or 7,000 gpd (gallons per day) and that can be sent to any destination by trailer for its immediate commissioning. This feature allows a flexible installed capacity that can grow at the pace of the demand, through the progressive addition of modules.

The new ‘Francisco’ ferry is baptized or so-named after the new Pope.