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  • vol59no11_comb

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 59, No 11 (November) - LNG

    Chart brazed aluminum heat exchangers at Venture Global LNG, Inc’s Calcasieu Pass in Cameron Parish, Louisiana. This issue focuses on LNG, the sector’s vital equipment and opportunities.

  • issue210_comb

    Issue 210 October 2022 - Future Industry


    Looking through the lens of tomorrow’s growth: this month our focus is on the future industry and applications that we can see today – from the decentralisation of supply chains to digitisation and even our space endeavours and beyond.

  • vol60no10_comb

    gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 10 (October) - Digitzation & Distributors

    Where are the key trends and touchpoints in the US distributor business and the interconnected digital transformation? This month, gasworld keeps your finger on the pulse on all things distributor and digitization, inside.

  • issue209_comb

    Issue 209 September 2022 - LNG Issue


    LNG is in demand like never before, given the uncertain geopolitical climate. Questions remain over its future but we ask this month, is LNG actually the answer to both our energy security in the near-term and even our low-carbon aims for the long-term?

  • nabg_2223_comb

    Buyer’s Guide 2022/23


    Welcome to the 2022/2023 North American Buyer’s Guide from gasworld. At the time of writing, we’re in the midst of the latest tightening to hit the US carbon dioxide (CO2 ) business, a situation that’s expected to continue for some months after this Buyer’s Guide has landed on your desk. ...

  • vol60no09_comb_v2

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 09 (September) - Equipment Issue

    They may once again be dominating headlines and creating conundrums for brewers, but CO2 shortages are not just underlining the fizz in beverages – they highlight the critical role of equipment in making supply chains tick.

  • issue208_comb

    Issue 208 August 2022 - Healthcare


    What will the bedside healthcare of tomorrow look like? Will that level of care be equitable globally? And how can new approaches to funding, delivery and digitisation help us in our quest to reach that utopia? We take up visiting hours at the ward of medical discussion inside…

  • vol60no08_2022

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 08 (August) - Helium

    Helium, helium, helium. In the face of continued tight supply, geopolitical uncertainties and greater diversification in supply as a whole, the helium heatmap across North America is increasingly lit up like never before.

  • issue207_comb

    Issue 207 July 2022 - Gas Analysis & Control


    This month we’re pushing the buttons in gas analysis and control and getting the read-out on the applications, requirements and technological breakthroughs pushing the envelope across the industry, from those at the sharp end of the business.

  • vol60no07_2022

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 07 (July) - Packaged Gases

    Front and center of our discussion this month, as our cover alludes, is the packaged gases business in North America. From case studies and updates in safety to growth expectations and the training and technologies to realize them, gasworld has it all covered inside.

  • issue_206_comb

    Issue 206 June 2022 - Cryogenics


    Over a century since the pionnering work of Carl von Linde in refrigeration and liquefaction, and a new era is unfolding in cryogenics as it moves beyond the established science of cold. Advances are driving forward pharmaceuticals; cryogenics is key to the energy transition; and cryogenic distribution players are moving ...

  • vol60no6_us_comb

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 06 (June) - Hydrogen Issue

    The US is on the road to the new hydrogen-fueled utopia, and it’s a journey that’s picking up pace as Texas strives to challenge California as the leading clean energy state moving forward. What do we need to do to realize that vision of the future, and what can we ...

  • issue205_comb

    Issue 205 May 2022 - Packaged Gases


    After the turmoil and uncertainty of the Covid-19 pandemic, the world is now facing up to continued volatility in markets, economies and supply chains – disruption that is challenging the packaged gases business like never before. Delivering critical gases – and decarbonisation goals – is the name of the game ...

  • vol60no5

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 05 (May) - Specialty Gases & Supply Chain

    Are we seeing weak links in the supply chain exposed right now? If you’re in the helium business, or in rare gases, then your answer is probably yes. Geopolitics is causing choas, while there are challenges back home and product demands to be met amidst US market growth.

  • dir22_23_comb

    Global Directory 2022/23


    Welcome to the 2022/23 Global Directory from gasworld, your print companion for all industrial gas points of reference across the supply chain – from gas producers to equipment manufacturers and solution providers.

  • issue204comb

    Issue 204 April 2022 - Air gases


    It’s a human need and source of contention as old as civilisation itself: water. Inside this month we look at the very real question of water shortages, water wars and how we can address these growing concerns. We also explore how the air gases business can help with wastewater treatment.

  • vol60issue4co2

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 04 (April) - CO2 Issue

    Innovative technologies that put recycled CO2 to work – for a cleaner, healthier planet.

  • issue203

    Issue 203 March 2022 - Hydrogen Issue


    From the key enabler in cleaning up refinery-driven fuels to a renewable green fuel for the future; hydrogen is certainly the nexus between our past, present and future energy sector. But what challenges lie ahead? How will we scale going forward? And what electrifying future awaits if we can meet ...

  • gwus60vol03

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 03 (March) - Cryogenics

    Keith Hall provides the second part of his technical article on ‘Invaluable valves’ this month with our focus on the cryogenic market. In particular, we cover some of the major developments the industry has seen recently.

  • issue6002_comb

    gasworld US Edition, Vol 60, No 02 (February) - Air gases & medical

    This industry continued to provide vital medical gases as the latest coronavirus variant spread across the nation last month. Learn how the pandemic continues to drive up oxygen demand from page 28.