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  • us_april_2020_comb

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 58, No 04 (April)

    Inside this month – all the latest in the North American CO2 business, from technologies to applications, as well as exploring the impact of coronavirus on the US gases industry. 

  • gwg_march_2020_comb_2x

    Issue 179 March 2020


    There’s a firm acceleration in the changing face of the hydrogen business, as it continues to drive forward towards its inevitable role in decarbonising mobility, industry and society alike. This month we explore the rapid ramp up in this area and why the 2020s could be the decade of the ...

  • gwus_march_2020_comb_2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 58, No 03 (March)

    A large hydrogen storage tank, one of the biggest ever made by Chart, is on its journey to an end user. The tank, one of four delivered, is 186 feet long, 15 feet high.

  • us-feb2020x2

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 58, No 02 (February)

    Arencibia is at the heart of an exciting development at Pittsburgh International Airport for the additive manufacturing/3D printing supply chain. Pictured here is one of Arencibia’s gas recovery systems.

  • glob-feb2020x2

    Issue 178 February 2020


    Supercritical CO2 is a hot topic, not least for its application in the textiles industry, where its high solvent power and permeability enables dye to be absorbed easily and deeply into fibres – and eradicate the dependence on water and chemicals.

  • v177-mag-2x

    Issue 177 January 2020


    Is everything about to change in the global helium business? From the shifting sands in sourcing through to the new applications on the horizon, this month we deliver all you need to know about the new normal helium business of tomorrow.

  • v5801-mag-2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 58, No 01 (January)

    Cobots like this one from Vectis Automation are being hailed as a solution to the skilled labor crisis. How can cobots help businesses struggling to find skilled welders, and will they take the jobs of humans?

  • Issue176Combined-2x

    Issue 176 December 2019


    Mobile pipelines comprised of composite cylinders are on the rise the world over, in one of many trends shaping the bulk gases and transportation sector.

  • US1219Combined-2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 12 (December)

    Equipment companies have enjoyed growth this year, some setting records, but what about the year ahead? What are the challenges, and products for 2020?

  • Issue175x2

    Issue 175 November 2019


    Food and beverages are a staple of industrial gas and equipment demand, and this month we explore topics from MAP to food chilling and freezing.

  • Combined - Front Cover, Spread (GLOB)

    Issue 174 November 2019


    Capable of producing fully dense components such as that pictured on our cover, layer by layer and from computer aided 3D modelling, additive manufacturing is a specialty gas application firmly in the ascendency.

  • Combined - Front Cover, Spread (1)

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 11 (November)

    A line of CMSH 250s, manufactured by Cryofab, the New Jersey-based cryogenic equipment provider

  • magazine-gasworld-Global-September-2019

    Issue 173 October 2019


    Now entering her second year as President and CEO of Chart Industries, Jill Evanko is breaking through perceived barriers in the industry. But do they really exist at all? 

  • zz OCT_CO2 Bevs

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 10 (October)

    A Norco CO2 truck outside the Strap Tank Brewing Company in Springville, Utah. There is a strong flavor of craft beer in this issue. 

  • glob_09_spread@2x

    Issue 172 September 2019


    The end of the fossil fuel era has begun, and Hexagon Purus believes it has the storage technologies to truly usher in the new era of clean hydrogen energy.

  • us_09_spread@2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 09 (September)

    Optimized aluminum transport: piping configuration for industrial gas applications.

  • issue171@2x

    Issue 171 August 2019


    The potential in the LNG business is undoubted. Yet short-term hesitancy exists in megaprojects. This month we explore various facets of the distributive LNG business. Front cover image courtesy of MAKEEN Energy.

  • us-aug-2019@2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 08 (August)

    Air Products’ ASU in Baytown, Texas, produces merchant liquid nitrogen, oxygen and argon to supply a multitude of industry segments. See page 34 for full story.

  • gwus0719@2x

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 57, No 07 (July)

    Celebrating 50 years of man’s intrepid touchdown on the Moon, and the role of industrial gases.

  • gwg0719@2x

    Issue 170 July 2019


    Celebrating 50 years of Man’s intrepid touchdown on the Moon, and the role of industrial gases