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  • magazine-gasworld-US-September-2018

    Issue 160 September 2018


    Analysis and control are fundamental to the industrial and specialty gases business, ensuring gases are delivered and used both safely and optimally, and the subject of our September issue. If your company provides these fundamental products, don’t miss this opportunity to get involved. Issue also includes a dedicated Specialty ...

  • September-gasworld-US-2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 09 (September)


    The Distributor Issue – the big edition in the US calendar. This month is all about the US distributor and the challenges and opportunities facing this business, from the cost of digital automation to M A, e-commerce and new means of delivering product.

  • Supplement-gasworld-US-September-2018

    Issue 160 September 2018 Supplement


    A supplement dedicated to trends and technologies in the specialty gases, featuring insight into specialty gas applications and investment strategies, technologies in MAP testing and gas analysis, new certification in bulk medical gas supply systems, and much more besides.

  • magazine gasworld Global August 2019

    Issue 159 August 2018


    Bulk storage and delivery of gases are at the heart of the supply chain and the focus of gasw orld’s August issue – from transport safety to telemetry systems and cryogenic storage technologies in-between. Includes the third quarter Specialty Gas Zone focused on Medical Applications.

  • magazine-gasworld-US-August-2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 08 (August)


    Packaged gases are at the heart of the industrial gases business, and especially so in the North America region where this supply mode accounts for as much as 37% of the business. This August, gasworld US Edition looks at all things Packaged Gases, from cylinder filling to labelling and automation ...

  • magazine gasworld Global July 2018

    Issue 158 July 2018


    Oxygen is the theme of gas world’s July global edition, exploring the applications and distribution of one of the most fundamental of gases. Oxygen cylinder technologies and considerations, and even the story of arguably the highest oxygen plant in the world, at Mount Everest, are in focus this July. ...

  • magazine-gasworld-US-July-2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 07 (July)


    From hydrogen storage systems to gas blending and custom gas mixes, Custom Solutions is the theme for gas world US Edition this July. This edition includes the Plains regional report, from gas world Business Intelligence.

  • magazine gasworld global June2018

    Issue 157 June 2018


    From the growth space in hydrogen from electrolysis to growing demand for testing, training and certification for a burgeoning hydrogen economy, and of course the imperative role of steam methane reformers for refinery hydrogen in-between, the hydrogen business is the subject for our June issue of gasworld magazine.

  • magazine-supplement-gasworld-global-June2018-

    Issue 157 June 2018 Supplement


    Dry ice is creating much more than special effects these days – it’s driving ever-increasing revenues and attention, as reflected in this supplement on dry ice markets and technologies trends.

  • magazine gasworld us june 2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 06 (June)


    From cryogenics applications reports to insight on cryogenic CO2 capture technology, and equipment used for the final frontier in deep space exploration, our focus in the US this June is on all things Cryogenic. Also includes the US Southwest regional report. 

  • Magazine gasworld us may 2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 05 (May)


    gas world compresses as much insight and how-to knowledge about the packaged gases business as possible into its May 2018 edition – exploring cylinder trends and technologies, cylinders for specialty gases, and cylinder filling optimisation. This edition also includes a regional focus on North America, and the second quarter ...

  • Magazine gasworld global may 2018

    Issue 156 May 2018


    Undoubtedly one of the hottest editions of the year, the CO2 Issue is gas world US Edition’s focus this May. From a food and beverages update to regional supply chain challenges and new CO2 applications, this typically controversial but now trendy gas is at the forefront for gasworld US Edition ...

  • Magazine gasworld global april 2018

    Issue 155 April 2018


    Copper mining, semiconductor manufacture, and even refrigerated road transport – nitrogen is in focus this April as we devote an entire issue to this crucial air gas, from applications through to production and distribution. Includes a focus on non-cryogenic production plants.

  • Magazine gasworld us april 2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 04 (April)


    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 04 (April)

  • magazine gasworld global march 2018

    Issue 154 March 2018


    This March gas world global magazine keeps it cold with an exploration of cryogenic equipment trends – from the opportunities in Europe created by the distributive LNG business, to pressure regulators and freezing equipment.

  • Magazine gasworld us march 2018 2

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 03 (March)


    This March gas world US Edition gets to grips with changes in the global hydrogen market, from the more traditional refinery hydrogen business to the growing momentum for the hydrogen economy and the supply chain.

  • Magazine gasworld global february 2018

    Issue 153 February 2018


    A traditional and core growth driver for the specialty gases business is the electronics sector. This is also an application in growth as the electronics marketplace continues to evolve and find new levels of stability. This February gas world explores the growing electronics gases business in China, the quest to ...

  • Magazine gasworld us february 2018

    Gasworld US Edition, Vol 56, No 02 (January-February)


    The bumper January/February 2018 issue of gasworld US Edition looks at two very different topics, but two which are intrinsically related by the human factor – digitization and safety. From the impact of data being the new oil, to chemical exploitation as WMDs, this New Year special has it all ...

  • january gasworld global 2018 spread

    Issue 152 January 2018


    From the countdown affecting the BLM pipeline to helium recovery and recycling, gas world throws the spotlight on the global helium business this January. Includes regional focus on Asia/India.

  • Sgr

    Specialty Gas Report Supplement – Fourth Quarter 2017


    A traditional and core growth driver for the specialty gases business – and one in the ascendency right now – is the electronics sector, our theme this fourth quarter. Specialty Gas Report investigates the trends in the electronics business and the demands these are placing on specialty gases and equipment. ...