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Latest issue

Magazine gasworld global april 2018

Issue 155 April 2018


Copper mining, semiconductor manufacture, and even refrigerated road transport – nitrogen is in focus this April as we devote an entire issue to this crucial air gas, from applications through to production and distribution. Includes a focus on non-cryogenic production plants.

magazine gasworld global march 2018

Issue 154 March 2018


This March gasworld global magazine keeps it cold with an exploration of cryogenic equipment trends – from the opportunities in Europe created by the distributive LNG business, to pressure regulators and freezing equipment.

Magazine gasworld global february 2018

Issue 153 February 2018


A traditional and core growth driver for the specialty gases business is the electronics sector. This is also an application in growth as the electronics marketplace continues to evolve and find new levels of stability. This February gasworld explores the growing electronics gases business in China, the quest to drive ...

january gasworld global 2018 spread

Issue 152 January 2018


From the countdown affecting the BLM pipeline to helium recovery and recycling, gasworld throws the spotlight on the global helium business this January. Includes regional focus on Asia/India.

december issue 2017 spread

Issue 151 December 2017


One of the biggest end-user sectors for the global gases industry is the manufacturing business, while metallurgy is another core application for a range of gases and equipment. This December, gasworld tackles both in one edition – from Industry 4.0 to welding and fabrication and trends in metallurgy.

leisure november 2017

Issue 150 November 2017


Industrial gases and equipment are inescapable, all around us in so many applications that we may not even realise at times. This November gasworld pays homage to the gases and equipment used in leisure activities – from CO2 in beverages and drinks dispense and diving gases, to dry ice in ...


Issue 148 September Supplement 2017


In this exclusive supplement, we aim to put the spotlight on these green credentials and explore – if not demonstrate – the often pioneering role that industrial gas and equipment companies are actively playing in the adoption of a cleaner, greener, more sustainable (and still profitable) world.

gasworld October 2017 magazine

Issue 149 October 2017


This October gasworld gets to grips with the state of play in the global hydrogen market, from traditional application in the refinery hydrogen business to the ever-growing momentum for the hydrogen economy – and the range of technologies available to meet this demand.

Gasworld sept button

Issue 148 September 2017


This month gasworld magazine explores the steadily growing market for the industrial gases business that is, distributive LNG. Cryogenic storage vessels, heat exchangers, compressor design, the LNG market in Greater China, small-scale LNG technologies, and much more besides are all in focus this month.


Issue 147 August 2017


This month gasworld magazine explores trends and technologies in the medical/healthcare business, from a market on the mend in Iberia to the development of the gases business in China and major advances in medical filling solutions.

July 2017 magazine

Issue 146 July 2017


This month gasworld magazine throws the spotlight on one of the staple products of the gases industry – oxygen. From the role of oxygen (O2) in refining applications to its use in aquaculture, food and beverages, and metals and glass production, and PSA plant technologies in-between, our July issue has ...

magazine gasworld june

Issue 145 June 2017


Issue 145 June of the gasworld magazine

june supp magazine

Issue 145 June Supplement 2017


Also this June, gasworld gets to grips with the world of Gas Analysis and Control, with an exclusive supplement covering everything from trends in CO2 gas analysis to the gas control equipment manufactured in today’s cleanroom.

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