In order to keep up with accelerating demand for its hydrogen-based MagneGas2® fuel, waste-to-energy company MagneGas Corporation has announced its intent to purchase an additional 2,000 cylinders.

The company said the purchase was in response to the “significant backlog” of demand, especially as the company’s wholly owned welding gas and supply distributor, ESSI, Inc. has recently expanded geographically into three additional retail locations throughout the US.

CEO of the Florida-based business Ermanno Santilli commented, “MagneGas2 has been used as a door opener to other welding gas and supply sales, so for every cylinder of MagneGas2 that is sold, we may see a multiple of that in other products sold.”

“We are excited by the potential to rapidly expand and strengthen our customer relationships, becoming a complete solution for clients in the welding supply industry,” he added.

This is the second bulk order for MagneGas after the company initially ordered its first round of 2,000 extra cylinders in March this year.

The technology for creating MagneGas fuel is based on flowing liquid waste through a submerged electric arc system between two electrodes. The arc decomposes the liquid molecules into atoms as it forms a plasma around the tips of the electrodes at around 5,500°C. MagneGas fuel is then created by decomposed atoms rising to the surface and naturally forming into a gas.