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  • Paper Boat by the Sea

    Reminders of the helium supply chain complexities


    Rob Cockerill reflects on an interesting quarter for helium in his latest column for gasworld.

  • Wise Tel Picture

    Otodata Technologies USA acquires Wise Telemetry


    Otodata Technologies USA has acquired Wise Telemetry, a leading provider of remote monitoring devices and services for the industrial gas industry.

  • worthington94

    ITC approves duties on Chinese steel cylinders


    Non-refillable steel cylinders from China will face countervailing duties after the US International Trade Commission (ITC) voted that imported cylinders have injured the US domestic industry and Worthington Industries.

  • Site-Rendering

    NextDecade and Mitsubishi sign carbon capture agreement for Rio Grande LNG project


    A new deal has been inked to introduce post-combustion carbon capture technology at NextDecade’s Rio Grande LNG project in the Port of Brownsville, Texas.

  • Medical

    Catalent introduces cryogenic capabilities to support growing demand for cell and gene therapy


    As part of a newly made investment, pharmaceuticals company Catlent has introduced cryogenic storage at its clinical supply services facility in Philadelphia to support sponsors developing cell and gene therapies.

  • 8_Rivers_Capital_LLC_Decatur_Aerial

    First net-zero gas power plants proposed for Colorado, Illinois


    Plans have been unveiled to build what is claimed to be the world’s first net-zero natural gas-fired power plants in Colorado and Illinois, US.

  • Edmonton, Canada

    Major hydrogen hub plans unveiled for Edmonton, Canada


    A future where buses, train, trucks, cars, home heating and farm machinery all run on zero emission hydrogen fuel – that’s part of the new hydrogen hub vision unveiled on Wednesday (14 th April) for Edmonton, Canada.

  • Karan Bhatia at Uttam Composites Plant April 2021

    Uttam Group purchases Catalina Composites, to invest ‘at least $20m’


    Uttam Group of Companies has closed on the purchase of Catalina Composites in Garden Grove, California, and the entity will now be known as Uttam Composites.

  • 1616766075706

    FIBA’s refurbished Kentucky site ready for service


    FIBA Technologies Inc has refurbished its Louisville, Kentucky service centre and re-opened the four bay facility as a focus for the company’s test, repair and maintenance business.

  • iwdc-logo

    Mansmann to retire from IWDC


    Rich Mansmann will retire from his role as Vice-President of Gas Programmes at the IWDC cooperative on 1 st July.

  • worthington94

    Worthington announces price hike on non-refillable steel cylinders


    Worthington Industries has announced a 15% price increase on its non-refillable steel cylinders and industrial products.

  • IMG_0778_cropped

    The 2021 US Merchant CO2 Report


    Last year was burdened with carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) shortages brought on by the Covid pandemic and resulting impact on the US economy, causing ethanol CO 2 sources to be temporarily idled or closed. In addition, regional variations affected the West and East coasts more. This situation was ...

  • Unknown

    Home run for dry ice


    Dry ice has never been in the news as much since the development of the Covid-19 vaccine last summer. But it is not only dry ice’s role in the storage and distribution of vaccines that has seen it in increasing demand.

  • EDITED_t08hu_dQ

    Meeting an urgent demand


    The pandemic has driven the demand for dry ice sky-high. As it is odorless, non-poisonous, non-flammable, and very cold (-109° F / -78°C), this form of carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) is well-suited for use in two markets impacted by the Covid crisis ­— food delivery and pharmaceuticals. As the ...

  • Zach Promotion Announcement

    AWG promotes Schadek to Vice-President of Specialty Gas Sales


    American Welding Gas, Inc. (AWG), one of the largest independent gas and welding supplies distributors in the US, has promoted Zach Schadek to Vice-President of Specialty Gas Sales for AWG.

  • Filling Containers with Ice

    Putting the vaccine on ice


    Gene Cooke admits it was ‘truly fortuitous’ that Cold Jet completed an expansion of its main manufacturing facility just before the coronavirus (Covid-19) outbreak, which has helped the Loveland, Ohio-based company keep pace with a fivefold increase in its machines that make dry ice.

  • 1611688819487

    Steps to capture economic viability


    When Elon Musk revealed details about a $100m prize for innovators who aid the development of carbon dioxide removal technologies, it created some interest at Sustainable Energy Solutions (SES) for a good reason.

  • AQG-Landing-page-images_Q1

    Devices to keep you ice and safe


    To ensure safe handling of dry ice used in the transportation of coronavirus vaccines on flights around the US, safety monitors such as those from Analox have been increasingly deployed. Analox Americas, which is based in Huntington Beach, California, has played its part to help ensure a smooth and safe ...

  • Cannabis is grown under artificial light

    Actions to meet increased demand


    A lot has been going on at Kaplan Industries in the last year, and gasworld US caught up with Bud Allen and Devon Goodman to get a better understanding of the Ohio-based company’s recent developments, such as a new facility to help meet increased demand. Kaplan has expanded its extraction ...

  • IMG_5783

    Finding the new normal


    Like many other companies in North America, carbon dioxide (CO 2 ) specialist Salof has adapted its business operations due to the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19). Based in Texas, one of the worst hit states at the time of publication, Salof has played its part by supplying liquid and dry ice ...