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    Carbon Clean focuses on company growth with new hire and global headquarters


    Carbon capture technology and service company Carbon Clean is focused on its growth plans as the firm looks to accelerate and scale up its ground-breaking technologies.

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    nexAir to open a second Kentucky facility


    nexAir has opened its second location in the state of Kentucky.

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    A-Gas expands in the North American market


    A-Gas is expanding its presence in the North American market as the company continues on its mission to provide sustainable refrigerant management to support the globe.

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    New sourcing on the horizon, demand growth optimistic


    Our assessment of the worldwide supply of helium is about 5.9 billion cubic feet (Bcf) for 2021. The pandemic took the helium business from tight to surplus supply in late March 2020 when the global economies shut down and closed borders disrupting global helium demand and supply. As economies opened ...

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    Race to find North American sources


    The global helium landscape is changing, but some companies are working to ensure helium supply stays close to home in North America.

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    Is this the way…?


    A family business located in the helium hotbed of Amarillo is hoping to transform its operation in response to a changing market. Tex-Air Gas supplies helium to welding supplies distributors across the US, and has also fueled projects like launching a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken into space and illusionist ...

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    A guide to maximising helium gas allocation


    As the supply of helium continues to fluctuate, there is a lot of buzz about converting to hydrogen. Conversion can be a major capital expense that requires the purchase of expensive hydrogen gas generators and new piping and components, as well as hours and hours of extra work for personnel ...


    10 minutes with… Jeremy Jordan, of IACX Energy


    How does IACX serve the helium market in North America, what involvement does it have?

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    Membrane gas separation technology


    Think twice if you’ve written off helium as a gas with dwindling interest and sinking demand. Far from it! Helium is still one of the most interesting industrial gas markets in today’s marketplace. New helium exploration projects remain an exciting opportunity and over the past year, even newcomer startups have ...

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    When new meets old: addressing helium shortages


    Helium is like gold,” said Tony Corletto, BAUER Sales Manager for Industrial Air and Gas Products. Corletto was speaking on the widespread scarcity of helium: it is one of the most abundant elements in the universe, yet one of the most difficult to find on Earth. BAUER Compressors, a German-based ...

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    Innovators expand to meet high-tech demand


    A recognised leader in cryocooler design and manufacturing, Cryomech of Syracuse, New York, recently expanded to accommodate its growing business.

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    Saskatchewan’s emergence as a new helium hub


    The Canadian province of Saskatchewan wants to have 10% of the global market share for helium by 2030. In figures, such a vision equates to $500m in capital investment, $250m in exports and hundreds of jobs – a huge opportunity for both the province and the ever-changing helium market, especially ...

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    Hawaii secures constant liquid oxygen supply as it battles oxygen shortages


    Hawaiian officials have secured a constant supply of liquid oxygen from the mainland to help meet surges caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic as news of oxygen shortages started to break last week.

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    Lincoln Electric, NC3 join forces to support next-generation welders


    Lincoln Electric and the National Coalition of Certification Centres (NC3) have joined forces to provide the curriculum and learning management resources for benchmarking and standardising welding performance.

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    Swagelok receives NorthCoast 99 award


    Swagelok has been recognised by the Employers Resource Council (ERC) for the 11th year as one of the 99 top Northeast Ohio workplaces for top talent.

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    Chart unveils onboard liquid hydrogen fuel system


    Chart Industries unveiled a new product line for heavy-duty trucks, an onboard liquid hydrogen (HLH2) fuel system, at the ACT Expo in Long Beach, California.

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    Port of Corpus Christ in Texas wants to be a CCS hub


    The Port of Corpus Christi in Texas has become the latest port to focus on cutting its emissions, having on Wednesday (1st September) inked an agreement with the Texas General Land Office to develop carbon storage solutions in the Coastal Bend.

  • EnerMech has secured a raft of significant new business in the Americas

    EnerMech inks multiple contracts in the Americas


    Global integrated solutions specialist business EnerMech has inked a series of new contracts in the Americas, including a second campaign with a major E&P operator in offshore Gulf of Mexico for nitrogen and leak testing.

  • Renown Regional Hospital converts their parking garage into a 700 bed COVID-19 unit for overflow patients.

    Oxygen supplies tight in southern US states


    Hospitals in the southern states of the United States are dealing with tight supplies of oxygen, as suppliers reallocate product from industrial customers to keep up with demand caused by the coronavirus (Covid-19) pandemic.

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    Low-carbon hydrogen production to nearly triple in North America by 2030


    Low-carbon hydrogen production in North America is expected to nearly triple by 2030, reaching 1.4 million tonnes per annum (mtpa).