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    How full is full?


    Imagine that you are filling a cryogenic tank sitting on weight scales. You fill it to the proper fill density from a tank supplying very cold zero psi liquid and record the weight. You then use your Superman X-ray vision and make a mark on the outside of the tank ...

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    Key to many cryogenic processes


    Brazed Aluminum Heat Exchangers (BAHX) play an important role in cryogenics and are the most compact and energy efficient heat exchangers available for handling a wide range of services. They are particularly valued for their relatively high thermal efficiency, compactness, low weight and low maintenance. BAHX provide low capital, installation, ...

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    Interview: Chart Industries CEO Jill Evanko on LNG landscape


    If you take a look at some of the new LNG (liquefied natural gas) export projects in the US over the next year, chances are Chart Industries played a significant part in what you see. Chart has positioned itself firmly in the clean energy and fuels space with hydrogen and ...

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    Biogas sources present CO2 opportunities


    In some global markets, biogas is the common source of methane, otherwise called natural gas, which is used to heat our homes, supply industry with a combustible fuel, and a feedstock agent.

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    Making the biogas and energy transition with membrane technology


    Renewable natural gas, also called RNG or biomethane, is an important building block in the renewable energy mix, alongside solar and wind technology. RNG enables the repurposing of organic waste, which contributes to a circular economy and provides a solution to becoming carbon neutral. For years, Europe has played a ...

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    Get to know biogas


    Atlas Copco breaks down biogas and its potential for gasworld readers in this article, explaining how its compressors, oxygen generators, blowers, vacuum pumps and industrial chillers are utilized in turning waste into green energy. Atlas Copco has a RNG compressor rebuild shop in Dallas and packages systems in Houston.

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    Cryogenic solutions


    Cryogenic solutions are used throughout the entire clean fuels value chain – from production to distribution – and are pivotal to the use of storage tanks and transportation infrastructure for fuels like liquefied natural gas (LNG) and liquid hydrogen. Acme Cryogenics is a leading supplier of products and services in ...

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    Proprietary LNG technology


    Late this summer, Air Products announced that its liquefied natural gas (LNG) technology had been selected for Nigeria’s LNG Train 7 Project, which once on-stream, will produce eight million tons of LNG annually in Nigeria, resulting in a major LNG production expansion at Nigeria LNG’s facility on Bonny Island.

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    First Helium reports ‘significant progress’ in Southern Alberta


    The First Helium team is making “significant progress” om evaluating the exploration company’s approximately 880,000 acres of prospective helium lands in Southern Alberta.

  • Linde

    Linde reports ‘stellar’ Q3 2021 results


    Linde CEO Steve Angel said the company has delivered another “stellar” quarter, as it today (28th Oct) reported its quarter three (Q3) 2021 results which saw the industrial gas giant grow its EPS 42% and operating cash flow 36%

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    ‘World’s smallest’ industrial carbon capture solution unveiled


    Carbon Clean has today (28th Oct) unveiled what it says is the world’s smallest industrial carbon capture solution, marking a “breakthrough” in the market.

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    Anova, Messer announce telemetry solutions agreement


    Messer is optimising its logistics, tank sizing and production through the implementation of Anova solutions as part of a long-standing relationship.

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    ExxonMobil to increase carbon capture capacity in Wyoming


    ExxonMobil wants to capture an additional one million metric tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) annually from its LaBarge, Wyoming facility, as it looks to increase the current six-seven million metric tonnes the facility already captures.

  • Nick Brown, Red Ball Oxygen

    Red Ball Oxygen promotes Brown to Vice-President


    Red Ball Oxygen has promoted Nick Brown to Vice-President of Operations.

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    Air Products, Sublime Stericeuticals to develop freeze-drying equipment for vaccine and drug solutions


    Air Products has joined forces with Sublime Stericeuticals Corporation to develop a continuous freeze-drying system for vaccine and drug solutions.

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    nexAir opens new facility in Miami, Florida


    nexAir has today (25th Oct) opened a new facility in Miami, Florida to better serve its customers in the region.

  • Linde plc COO Sanjiv Lamba

    Linde appoints Sanjiv Lamba as CEO


    Linde has today (25th Oct) confirmed that Sanjiv Lamba will succeed Steve Angel as its CEO, effective 1st March (2022).

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    Lincoln Electric unveils new portable wire feeder


    Lincoln Electric has added a new portable wire feeder to its Activ8X® line of rugged, field-ready wire feeders.

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    Tenaris unveils its latest hydrogen technology


    US-based Tenaris has unveiled its latest innvovation to support the global hydrogen economy.

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    Praxair Distribution, Inc. changes name to Linde Gas & Equipment Inc.


    Linde has legally changed the name of its US welding, industrial, medical and specialty gas distribution business, Praxair Distribution Inc., to Linde Gas & Equipment Inc.