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    Chart awarded $120m worth of hydrogen and small-scale LNG liquefaction orders


    2021 ended on a positive note for cryogenic equipment manufacturer Chart Industries which celebrated four hydrogen and small-scale LNG liquefaction orders totalling over $120m.

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    2021 Review: An interview with Cyl-Tec


    Founded in 1991 as a gas filling/retesting facility, Cyl-Tec has a long history within the industrial gases market. Quickly after its start-up the company grew into an international supplier of high-quality gas cylinders and bulk tanks and is today a well-recognised name.

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    CGA expands focus in 2022


    Rich Gottwald, CGA President & CEO, reflects on the successes of 2021 for the association and the industry – and looks ahead to what’s on the agenda for 2022.

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    Editor’s Picks: My Top 10 from 2021


    gasworld Global Managing Editor Rob Cockerill has been counting down his top 10 stories of the industrial gas year. Today, as 2021 draws to a close, he reveals the story at number one and why…

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Tex-Air Gas


    A third-generation family-owned company based in Amarillo, Texas, Tex-Air Gas supplies helium to welding supplies distributors across the US and has also fuelled projects like launching a box of Kentucky Fried Chicken into space and illusionist David Blaine’s ascent above the Arizona desert with the help of around 50 helium ...

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Chart Industries


    Packed with acquisitions, record-breaking financial results and exciting projects, 2021 has undoubtably been an important year for Chart Industries as it continues to find ways to better serve its global customer base and keep up with new market trends.

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Distributor Data Solutions


    One of the leading product content companies for the gas and welding industry, Utah-based Distributor Data Solutions (DDS) helps its customers by providing technology solutions to the challenges of e-commerce product content and data management - and currently works with more than 500 manufacturers, representing more than 1,300 brands.

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    Heliogen, CarbonCapture combine expertise for DAC technology


    Heligon’s concentrated solar power and solid media thermal storage systems are set to be combined with CarbonCapture’s carbon removal technology as part of a new collaboration unveiled today (23rd Dec).

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    Blue Star Helium receives permit to drill in Las Animas County, Colorado


    Blue Star Helium has today (23rd Dec) shared significant progress for its ongoing helium exploration effort in Las Animas County, Colorado, having been approved permit to drill for its Enterprise 16#1 well.

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Gas Innovations


    Founded in 2002, with a goal of providing industrial gas producers a dependable, independent wholesale supply partner, Gas Innovations today stands as a world-wide supplier of high purity hydrocarbons, refrigerant gases and speciality gases.

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    Editor’s Picks: My Top 10 from 2021


    gasworld Global Managing Editor Rob Cockerill counts down his top 10 stories of the industrial gas year. In at number 10, the story that’s kept giving over the last decade – a supply chain that’s walked a perennial tightrope of supply and demand but has a whole new era unfolding ...

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    US CO2 supply: is the situation improving?


    Tightening in supply or shortages of supply of carbon dioxide (CO2) have blighted some companies this year and impacted customers in the food and beverage industry.

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    Cold comfort


    For American Carbonation Corporation Vice-President of Operations Daniel Koerner, each day presents a puzzle of how he will put the pieces of a broken supply chain together to keep customers provided with CO2. Amid increasing demand for CO2 and dry ice, Koerner and his American Carbonation colleagues have been contending ...

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    Seltzers driving renewed demand


    In the developed world markets, such as North America, Europe, and Japan, carbon dioxide (CO2) usage in the food and beverage sector is the largest combined consumption for the commodity. More specifically, these two sectors generally represent around 70% of all merchant usage in the developed economies. In the developing ...

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    Putting the fizz into business


    The beverage industry is always developing new ways to satisfy our thirst. As the equipment used to dispense and distribute our favorite beverages is constantly evolving, it can be a challenge to keep up with industry trends and technology.

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    Why measure CO2 in HVAC applications?


    Ensuring sufficient air quality is a vital part of creating a healthy indoor air environment and living space.

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    Brewing the green way


    What do Country Boy Brewing’s Cougar Bait American Blond, Shotgun Wedding Vanilla Brown Ale, Cliff Jumper IPA and Halfway Home Pale Ale all have in common? They’re all now being produced in an environmentally friendly way with the implementation of carbon capture technology courtesy of Earthly Labs.

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    Protecting food from spoilage


    Food producers know that today’s consumers want fresh products that are minimally processed but also have long shelf life. To achieve this, the industry is increasingly relying on modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), which uses gases to control and slow oxidation of fresh food.

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    Support for family-run brewery


    For over 200 years ago, a renowned brewer and his family have been brewing and distributing award-winning beers, growing the business in a unique, slightly old-fashioned way.

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    12 Days of Content: An interview with Otodata


    Founded in 2008, Montreal, Canada-based Otodata designs, develops, and manufactures market leading remote level monitoring products and technologies for a variety of industries.