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  • HeliumPeriodicTable

    Blue Star Helium fast-tracks Voyager prospect


    Blue Start Helium is fast-tracking plans Voyager prospect in Las Animas County, Colorado, following the ‘breakthrough’ success of its exploratory water well returning a 134ft gas column in the Lyons formation with a calculated air-free helium concentration of 8.8%.

  • airgas

    Airgas to trial Hyzon hydrogen trucks for cylinder deliveries


    Airgas will trial two heavy-duty hydrogen fuel cell trucks on various cylinder delivery routes in the Los Angeles, California area under a newly inked deal with Hyzon Motors that will see its first 200kW truck hit the road.

  • Texas Flag

    Low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia facility planned for Texas


    Plans low-carbon hydrogen and ammonia production and export facility have been unveiled for the Enbridge Ingleside Energy Centre, near Corpus Christi, Texas, to meet growing demands in the clean energies market.

  • Actros 2545 - Air Products (21)

    Air Products reports fiscal 2022 Q2 results


    “Despite the global economic environment and significant energy, environmental and geopolitical challenges facing our world, the Air Products team continues to deliver on our commitments and our higher purpose as a company.”

  • shutterstock_1824149561

    ‘World’s first’ solar-powered helium processing facility under construction


    Fabrication has begun on the ‘world’s first’ solar-powered helium processing facility.

  • Co2

    Chevron joins Bayou Bend CCS project in southeast Texas


    Chevron has joined the consortium behind the Bayou Bend CCS offshore carbon capture and sequestration hub that could sequester 225-275 million tonnes of carbon dioxide (CO2) from industrial sources in the area.

  • RGB 96_Large Indoor Marijuana Commercial Growing Operation With Fans, Greenhouse, Equipment For Growing High Quality Herb. Cannabis Field Growing For Legal Recreational Use

    CryoMass Technologies trials new cryogenic system for hemp and cannabis plants


    A new cryogenic system for capturing high-value elements of hemp and cannabis plants is being trialled by Colorado-based CryoMass Technologies.

  • US flag

    SK Gas inks US LNG deal with Energy Transfer


    South Korea’s SK Gas Trading will purchase 0.4 million tonnes per annum (mtpa) of LNG from Energy Transfer’s Lake Charles LNG export facility in the US under a newly inked agreement.

  • Helium

    Avanti Energy acquires new helium exploration permits in Saskatchewan


    The Canadian province of Saskatchewan was at the heart of more positive news for the helium market on Tuesday (3rd May), with Avanti Energy having been granted three helium exploration permits for its exploration activities.

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    Royal Helium inks deal to acquire Imperial Helium


    Royal Helium has entered into an agreement to acquire Imperial Helium.

  • CO2Meter-Gaslab-Company-Announcement

    CO2Meter acquires GasLab


    CO2Meter has acquired oxygen gas sensing technologies and safety solutions company GasLab.

  • Air Products ASU

    Air Products brings two ASUs on-stream in Asia


    Air Products has brought two new air separation units (ASUs) on-stream to provide ultra-high purity industrial gases to one of world’s largest semiconductor manufacturers in Asia.

  • The importance of a digital strategy

    The evolution of a digital supply chain


    It goes without saying that the coronavirus pandemic (Covid-19) really changed how businesses and their consumers operate. Almost overnight the world saw a complete shift towards the digital world, as stores, wholesalers and restaurants closed to protect humanity. With this came a real opportunity for corporations to get onboard the ...


    GAWDA Spring Management Conference recap


    Indianapolis: Home to two major sports league clubs, four universities and also the host of the 2022 Gases and Welding Distributors Association (GAWDA) Spring Management Conference. The JW Marriott hotel, situated in the heart of the charming city, saw over 700 GAWDA delegates gather together to celebrate the enjoyment of ...

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    Taking telemetry to the next level in the industrial gases market


    With cost of living going up for many individuals, families and businesses across the globe, being able to secure the right price for needed or desired items is key. The same applies when it comes to remote monitoring devices and services for the industrial gases market, a trend which is ...

  • Screenshot 2022-04-22 at 14.23.59

    The recent developments and challenges in electronic specialty gases


    The semiconductor industry had a record year in 2021 as the continued challenges of Covid-19 had a large impact on the ways that we work, shop, attend school and entertain ourselves. All of these changes have a positive impact on semiconductor demand as they drive demand for the electronic devices ...

  • Argon

    A key challenge to reducing argon costs


    Many common manufacturing processes in metals, aerospace, automotive, medical, silicon, and a range of other industries require an inert environment and use argon to achieve it. The argon used in these processes is very pure, usually 4N or 5N purity (99.99% to 99.999%). At the outlet of the process, the ...


    The impact on rare gases due to the Russian invasion of Ukraine


    As you most likely are aware, the rare gases krypton, xenon, and neon are by-products of very large air separation plants (ASU). These ASU’s are almost all attached to steel mills. With this said, adding capacity quickly is not realistic. It takes 1-3 years to add capacity and can only ...

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    10 minutes with… Bob Vigdor


    gasworld takes 10 minutes out with Bob Vigdor, Director of Business Development for the Americas at NevadaNano.

  • Nickel plating of pipeline components, opyright Houston Plating & Coatings LLC

    Transformational process offers nickel-plated cylinders at scale


    With the planned investment in new wafer fabs in the Midwest and Southwestern US, it is likely that there will be an increase in the demand for electronic specialty gas cylinders to support the expanded market. Many of the cylinders used for specialty gases have been nickel-plated to preserve the ...