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    A paradigm shift in packaged gas tracking, asset management


    A paradigm shift is underway with traditional notions of asset management. That’s the view of Computers Unlimited, the Montana-based developer of TIMS Software for gas and welding distributors. It says that clever distributors – those that endeavor to see over the horizon – are positioning their businesses to take advantage ...

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    Tackling the supply chain problem


    Norris Cylinder Company traces its lineage back to 1930 when company founder Kenneth T. Norris sold his home for $23,000 and opened Norris Stamping and Manufacturing Company. Shortly thereafter, the metal-working enterprise was awarded a contract with US Spring and Bumper Company to build the bumper parts for the Ford ...

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    On-demand access to equipment


    Do you remember how Airbnb redefined the way we travel? And how Uber and Lyft revolutionized how we got from A to B? Well, a new tech platform claims to be an efficient solution for bringing visibility and value to the supply chain’s underutilized equipment and making that equipment available ...

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    Lockheed Martin, Omni Tanker, UNSW collaborate on cryogenic tank developments


    Omni Tanker, Lockheed Martin and the University of New South Wales (UNSW) have joined forces to develop and commercialise world-first composite tank technologies, with support of a grant from the Federal Government’s Advanced Manufacturing Growth Centre (AMGC).

  • CylTecgasunitconvertermobileapp

    Cyl-Tec launches gas and unit converter mobile app


    Cylinder and bulk tank specialist Cyl-Tec is hoping to achieve greater connectivity with the recent launch of its gas and unit converter mobile app, which combines a gas converter, a unit calculator and a Cyl-Tec product guide all into one.

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    High frequency telemetry


    High frequency telemetry solutions like Pulsa significantly decrease the overall cost for gas distribution and ensure better service for end users of gas.

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    Investing for growth


    American Welding Gas, Inc. (AWG) has recently made significant investment in upgrading its specialty gas plant in Indianapolis, which the company says will increase its capabilities in the area and help with its supply chain. To understand more about AWG’s specialty gas operation, its Tier 5 Labs brand ...

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    Getting value from advanced digital technology


    Ever-increasing volumes of data, connectivity, computing power, and advanced analytics are putting Industry 4.0 tools – which transform manufacturing and industrial processes with up-to-date digital technology – more within reach 1 .

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    Simplifying complex cylinder label changes


    As most of our gas consumers recover to 100% productivity again, ‘go-to production’ timelines become more challenging when supplies do not arrive in time before they have already scheduled their production runs. And as gas consumers and manufacturers scale up production again, knowing supplier lead-times become much more crucial. Relying ...

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    Entering the disposable cylinder market


    The disposable cylinder market can be a niche market to get into as part of the Specialty and Calibration Gas cylinder business. Not all applications require a large cylinder or volume of the gas or mixture. In many cases, the end-user requires the cylinder to be portable. For instance, having ...

  • Orca

    Accenture, Climeworks develop digital plant solution to advance carbon capture


    A digital plant solution has been developed to help Climeworks more efficiently remove carbon dioxide (CO2) from the atmosphere.

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    California: FuelCell Energy’s renewable biofuel project now operational


    FuelCell Energy’s 1.4MW SureSource 1500™ biofuels fuel cell project is now operational in California, US.

  • CO2 Concept

    B&W to cut carbon emissions with its SolveBright solution


    Babcock Wilcox (B W) wants to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions from industrial and utilities plants with its SolveBright™ post-combustion regenerable solvent-based solution.

  • Carbon-Engineering-Direct-Air-Capture-Innovation-Centre

    Carbon Engineering reports great progress at its Innovation Centre


    It’s full steam ahead at Carbon Engineering’s Innovation Centre in British Columbia, Canada.

  • Low CO2

    Eni, Uniper look to decarbonise North Wales with CCS and hydrogen


    Eni UK and Uniper will evaluate decarbonisation initiatives in North Wales as part of a new agreement signed today (30 th  June) – and the plans rely heavily on hydrogen and carbon capture and storge (CCS).

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    AlyTech – A GasMix company


    French company AlyTech has been designing and manufacturing gas mixing/blending/injection/generation systems under the GasMix™ brand since the beginning of 2000.

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    An introduction to… Gas chromatograph instruments


    Automatic process gas chromatography is used in the industry for identification and quantification of chemical compounds in both their gas and liquid phases.

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    Digitisation of gas detection


    Industrial, medical, and food-grade gases touch our lives in many ways. Carbon dioxide (CO2) cylinders are ubiquitous – we use them under our sink to carbonate tap water, they are present in fast-food restaurant chains for soft drinks dispense and there will inevitably be a few cylinders in the cellar ...

  • Co2

    Mississippi-based biorefinery project to convert CO2 into sustainable aviation fuel


    Sustainable fuel technology company Velocys has signed a strategic framework agreement with Koch Project Solutions (KPS) to develop a biorefinery project in Natchez, Mississippi, that will utilise both renewable power and carbon capture and storage.

  • abb-asu-process-control-oxygen-analyser

    Gas analysis in the circular economy


    ABB’s Stephen Gibbons explores how high quality, high accuracy measurement technologies for gas analysis are playing a crucial role across the value chain, while helping to facilitate the transition towards low and zero carbon industrial operations.