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    The year that launched gasworld webinars


    In the absence of its industry-leading international events, gasworld ushered in a new era of free-to-view, dynamic industrial gas webinars in June 2020 – and looks ahead to an exciting programme of webinar discussion, debate and analysis in 2021.

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    12 Days of Content: EIGA


    For Philippe Cornille, General Secretary of the European Industrial Gases Association (EIGA), the two mega trends from the 2020 industrial gas year are saving lives under Covid-19 and hydrogen.

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    Stocking Fillers: A Christmas gift from GASVESSEL


    Continuing the four-part Stocking Filler series is GASVESSEL  who told gas world that if they could gift someone just one innovation this year it would be its ultra-high volume 300 bar pressure vessel, FRACO.

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    12 Days of Content: Chart Industries


    Filled with acquisitions, new business ventures and milestone achievements, 2020 has undoubtably been an important year for Chart Industries as it continues to find ways to better serve its global customer base and keep up with new market trends.

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    12 Days of Content: Linde


    It’s been an extraordinary year for Linde. The world’s largest industrial gases group responded to the unprecedented Covid-19 pandemic whilst integrating two complex, multi-national companies.

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    Stocking Fillers: A Christmas gift from RIX Industries


    As the countdown to Christmas begins, demand for manufacturers around the world continues to grow as many strive to present loved ones with a thoughtful gift to celebrate the holidays.

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    Preview: Food for thought


    Cryogenic equipment manufacturer Dohmeyer is seeing a consumer shift towards plant-based protein products, driven by Flexitarianism – an increasingly popular diet centred on plant foods with the occasional inclusion of meat that claims to reduce your carbon footprint and improve your health. “Flexitarians are mainly Gen Z, Millennials, Gen X ...

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    Exclusive: Ricos launches restyled gas cylinder bundle


    For Italian cylinder manufacturer Ricos, one of the main topics from these strange and uncertain times is the growth of smart working. “It’s something so far apart from our past lives and yet so present nowadays in our everyday life,” Michele Parise, Sales Manager, told gas world. “We like to ...

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    10 minutes with… César Callejo

    Take 10 minutes out with César Callejo, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Nippon Gases Europe, as he discusses digitisation, Nippon Gases’ new website and what he sees as the biggest opportunity in the next five years.

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    Backwards extrusion, forward thinking


    Aworldwide pandemic hasn’t stopped Cylinders Holding from completing and commissioning two brand new and technically advanced investments in 2020. The Czech-headquartered company has introduced a fully automated and robotised production line for small capacity, high pressure cylinders, as well as integrated an automated, robotised welding, bending and cutting machine for ...

  • Cesar Callejo Nippon Gases Europe

    10 minutes with… César Callejo


    Take 10 minutes out with César Callejo, Chief Information Officer (CIO) at Nippon Gases Europe, as he discusses digitisation, Nippon Gases’ new website and what he sees as the biggest opportunity in the next five years.

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    100 years of Den Hartogh


    From a small transport business in the Netherlands to a worldwide logistics provider, Den Hartogh is celebrating 100 years of business in 2020. The bulk logistics service provider for the chemical, gas, polymer and food industry today has a presence in every region of the world with more than 1,800 ...

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    Carbon Engineering: Scaling up direct air capture technologies


    Without a doubt, the coronavirus pandemic still remains one of the most talked about subjects of 2020. It’s destructive impact on people’s health, work life, families and finances was devastating for so many individuals across the globe.


    Afrox: Positive outlook despite shrinking South African economy


    Schalk Venter is a glass half full kind of man, viewing every situation with optimism and hope. “There’s always opportunity,” he tells gas world. “If one looks through the dark clouds, you will see a ray of light.” And as the Managing Director of African Oxygen Limited (Afrox), Venter has ...

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    Exclusive: An interview with Evonik


    With a long history in the speciality chemical industry, Evonik traces its orgins back to the mid-1800s, born from a collection of German companies that evolved and merged to become Evonik Industries in 2007.

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    10 minutes with… Margot Matthews


    Take 10 minutes out with Margot Matthews, CEO of the LNG Marine Fuel Institute, as she discusses what kind of year it’s been for the organisation, its’ footprint and compliance with IMO 2020 so far.

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    Towards a cleaner tomorrow


    Gasum is seeing rapid growth of LNG use in the maritime and heavy-duty vehicle sectors, Kimmo Rahkamo, Vice-President of Gas and Power Sales, tells Joanna Sampson.

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    Moving with the times


    Jack Finn says FIBA Technologies’ success is innovation, serving new markets

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    Nippon Gases Europe on its arrival in the market and a vision for Europe


    It’s been a successful 20 months of life under TNSC for the new Nippon Gases Europe, but with a wealth of opportunities for growth and a determination to expand its market share. “We are not planning to be 10% forever,” affirms President Eduardo Gil Elejoste, in an exclusive interview for ...

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    ABB exclusive: Bandwidth across sectors and geographies


    In response to the coronavirus pandemic, Division President Sabine Busse and her team at ABB Measurement Analytics have needed to work across their available bandwidth to find additional opportunities for growth. gas world spoke with Busse to discuss the lessons learned.