Rotarex Firetec has launched a new, next-generation website to combine product families Firetec Building and Room fire protection systems and FireDETEC Object Protection systems in one online location.

The site from the Rotarex SA business unit, features a contemporary design to provide users easy access to Rotarex Firetec’s complete range of high quality fire suppression valves, components and systems.

The first branch represented, dedicated to building and room fire protection, details all the components and accessories for complete total flooding fire protection systems, along with detailed information and specifications, including fire suppression cylinders, valves, actuators and discharge components for inert gas, carbon dioxide (CO2) and Clean Agent systems.

The second section contains information about the Luxembourg-based outfit’s FireDETEC fire suppression systems. The systems install directly inside business-critical equipment, vehicles or machinery to suppress fires at the source.

Charles Strobel, Global Marketing Manager for Rotarex, explained, “Our new website features, for the first time, all the Rotarex Firetec products together in one place.”

“All the right products, with enhanced search ability and more detailed information about each component, all in a modern, responsive design. Faster. Easier. Better.”

News and social media content also feature on the new site, as well as catalogues and material safety data sheets that are available for download.