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Dearman’s technology used in joint UK-Malaysia ‘green’ data centre project

26 October 2016By

The latest application of Dearman’s clean ‘cold and power’ technology will feature as part of a joint UK and Malaysian consortium project, which will develop the next generation of green data centres in response to intensified global data demand.

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Toyota unveils Japan hydrogen bus plans

25 October 2016By

Japanese automaker Toyota has revealed plans to begin selling fuel cell-powered buses in its home country from early 2017

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Plans for a waste-to-chemicals plant in Rotterdam

24 October 2016By

Air Liquide, in partnership with AkzoNobel, Van Gansewinkel, AVR, Enerkem and the Port of Rotterdam, is working in collaboration with the city of Rotterdam, the province of South Holland and InnovationQuarter to build a waste-to-chemicals plant in Rotterdam.


Safety, productivity and renewability: An interview with MagneGas

18 October 2016By

In an exclusive interview with gasworld, MagneGas CEO Ermanno Santilli explains why the company’s biggest sale to date is a breakthrough for its fast-rising MagneGas2® fuel.


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Air Liquide Q3 financials: A new phase begins

Air Liquide has released solid financials in its latest results after Airgas operations contributed to the group’s performance over a full quarter for the first time, resulting in a total revenue upswing of 23.9%.

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Air Liquide completes Airgas acquisition refinancing

Air Liquide has successfully completed the refinancing of its $13.4bn acquisition of Airgas.

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North American price increase from Air Products

Effective 1st October (2016), or as contracts permit, Air Products is to increase product pricing and monthly service charges for merchant customers in North America, citing rising costs and continued investment as factors in these changes.

The Linde Group is one of the leading players in the industrial gases business.

Executive departures revealed at Linde

The Linde Group has issued two significant executive level departures in the last hour, including the immediate exit of Chief Financial Officer Georg Denoke and the impending end of Dr. Wolfgang Büchele’s role as CEO of Linde AG.


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WITT unveils new safety relief valves

The new passive protection devices prevent serious accidents by relieving pressure before excess pressure can build up and become dangerous to systems and people.

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RTS Africa Engineering creates dessicant dryer

RTS Africa Engineering has invented a desiccant dryer which removes moisture from gases used in industry and could ensure more consistent gas purity.

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Public transport powered by the sea

Public transport in Trapani (Italy) could soon use hydrogen production from sea waves for alternative energy, new studies have proposed.

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Wax waged as hydrogen storage solution

As a benign hydrogen-storage material that rapidly releases hydrogen-rich gases through microwave-assisted catalytic decomposition, wax has the potential to be the key to future of hydrogen-powered vehicles according to new research.

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New Ceodeux Meditec devices make O2 therapy safer

In a move towards medical gas control equipment portfolio expansion, Ceodeux Meditec has launched its next-generation of ALPINOX medical pressure regulators that “removes the guesswork from oxygen (O2) flow adjustment.”

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Hummingbird receives Queen’s Award at official ceremony

After it was awarded with the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise earlier this year, specialist gas analysis solutions company Hummingbird Sensing Technology has been formally presented with the accolade at a special ceremony.

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ASCO unveils “most handy” dry ice blasting unit

Switzerland’s ASCO CARBON DIOXIDE LTD has released its smallest and “most handy” dry ice blasting unit in its technology portfolio.