After the new directions set by the company’s board were widened recently, Ad-Venta has announced that it is to release several products for qualification and validation by third party companies.

The French engineering company, a specialist in pressurised gas handling applications, has just finished a series of capital investment in order to upgrade its facility and equipment.

With the completion of a dedicated assembly room and the set-up of dedicated test benches (burst, pressure cycling, flow and leak tightness) Ad-Venta is in a position to meet even the most demanding customer requirements in turnkey system solutions and equipment.

Indeed, following the success of the company’s HyCan project, and with the valuable comments of its early users, Ad-Venta has set itself the target of becoming a key player in the in-pocket or on-board hydrogen storage business, focusing on nomadic, light mobility and long range mobility applications.

“We are at a critical phase of our development, which requires us to select areas and partners of our growth,” explained Jean-Luc Mussot, Ad-Venta CEO.

The company is now releasing several of its products for qualification and validation by third parties and is embarking upon a ‘three axis’ strategy.

For nomadic and light mobility applications the MiniReg will offer a modular approach to small cylinder gas delivery and the HydReg will provide small turnkey hydrogen storage, hydride-based, for capacity from tens to thousands of litres (ISO 16111). For long range mobility applications (EC79/2009) Ad-Venta’s SmartHy will feature integrated bulkhead/manifold, including pressure regulator, for fuel cell range extender vehicles, while the SimplHy will offer pressure regulator performance in a ‘small envelope’.