ABB has launched a new safety PLC offering flexible and powerful programming facilities that speed and simplify the development of safe control solutions for the most complex control applications.

The AC500-S safety PLC (programmable logic controller) is a new addition to ABB’s well-known AC500 PLC range and features a dual processor architecture that complies with SIL3/PL e functional safety levels.

Prior to commercial release, the new controller had been extensively field tested over three years in some 10 pilot applications including different types of cranes, mining hoists, automatic guided vehicles, and robotics.

To support the development of safety related applications, ABB has developed its own safety code analyser tool, SCA, to verify the safety programming rules or guidelines according to IEC 61508-3 under FBD, LD and ST. This powerful tool – believed to be an industry first – has been certified by TÜV SÜD, who subjected the software to stringent tests.

Meanwhile, ABB’s variable-speed drives (VSDs) and motors are now being used by Flowserve Corp., a leading provider of fluid motion and control products and services, for quick and easy testing of its new pump variants at different speeds.

The power supply panel, inverters, cabling and local isolation boxes were installed by ABB Authorised Value Provider, Inverter Drive Systems (IDS), which also installed a control system and software, as well as undertaking complete electrical installation and cabling for the project.

The company is using a test bay at its facility in Newark, UK, to conduct production tests on the new pump variants.