Air Products San Fu Co. is to again increase production of ultra high-purity (UHP) nitrogen and expand its nitrogen pipeline serving the electronics industry in the Tainan area of Taiwan.

The company’s expanded capacity will serve the electronics industry in Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park (TSIP) and Tree Valley Science and Industry Park (TSVIP), located adjacent to TSIP in Tainan, Taiwan.

Air Products San Fu will build an additional two air separation units and expand its existing nitrogen pipeline in TSIP to serve the area.

In September, Air Products announced another expansion at TSIP to supply United Microelectronics Corporations’ (UMC) Phase Five to Phase Eight expansion of its new 300mm wafer fab.

In addition to UHP nitrogen, Air Products San Fu will also supply oxygen, argon, helium and hydrogen to UMC.

“We have been satisfying gas demand in Tainan Science-Based Industrial Park for over 15 years,” said Wayne Mitchell, Vice-President and General Manager, Electronics, for Air Products.

“This new capacity expansion is our strategic investment to support the growth of our customers with reliable and cost-effective supply.”

Air Products San Fu has established a leading supply position in TSIP, and its nitrogen pipeline in the park has been serving semiconductor and TFT-LCD manufacturers in the area since 2002. Currently, the pipeline is fed by three of the world’s largest UHP nitrogen facilities that also produce product for the local merchant liquid bulk market.

The expansion will provide Air Products with additional nitrogen to supply growing merchant needs in the area.