Air Products has recently been named as one of the 50 Best Enterprise Public Image companies for 2013 in a large-scale scale media campaign titled ‘Beautiful China’.

The company is recognised for its efforts on corporate social responsibility and its contribution to the sustainable growth of China.

The ‘Beautiful China’ campaign was co-organized by a number of local mainstream media, including Sina,, National Business Daily, International Business News and Manager Magazine, with support from China Hengmei Volunteer Alliance – a public welfare collaboration formed by non-governmental organisations, enterprises and the media.

It aims to raise awareness of environmental protection and advocate green behaviour among companies and the public.

The Best Enterprise Public Image award is presented to leading companies which made outstanding efforts on sustainability in the past year. Air Products was nominated by the co-organising media and selected by the campaign committee.  The company has been serving the China market for over 25 years with its leading edge technologies and solutions to help customers become more productive, energy efficient and sustainable.

Air Products took part in a variety of meaningful social responsibility initiatives and activities in 2013, including the sponsorship of 2013 China’s National University Chemistry Video Contest organised by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers, China Chemical Society and Peking University to advocate green gas technologies for a better future.