Air Products has recently launched a new microsite bursting with information for food processors currently freezing - or considering freezing – their product.

The microsite includes instructional videos, interactive tools and a comprehensive literature library, all aimed at helping food processors maximise their operation and improve the quality of their product.

The microsite features a Freeze Time Calculator, which is an interactive tool that demonstrates the benefits of liquid nitrogen freezing or chilling. Customers can input their specific information - such as food type, and starting and ending temperatures - to see a comparison of freeze time and footprint for a liquid nitrogen versus mechanical system.

Customers can also use the Food Lab Scheduler to arrange a product trial at one of Air Products’ food labs. Using commercial-scale equipment, the company can help determine the exact benefit of using liquid nitrogen for a customer’s specific application and product.

In addition to a robust literature library, including articles, white papers, and customer testimonials, the microsite also hosts a number of Fresh Clips videos, which briefly explain and demonstrate how liquid nitrogen freezing works. Food freezing veterans can view a series of videos that offer tips, such as proper belt loading, to help increase throughput and maximize efficiency.

Those new to freezing can view videos explaining the advantages of continuous or process freezing versus storage freezing, as well as learn about the many benefits of food freezing using liquid nitrogen.

The microsite can be accessed at