Air Products attended the opening ceremony of 2013 China’s National University Chemistry Video Contest held in Beijing recently and presented its innovative gas technologies and applications to around 150 university students.

Organised by the Association of International Chemical Manufacturers, China Chemical Society and Peking University, the contest is themed ‘Chemistry, for Future Life’.

Air Products is a key partner of this activity, through which it aims to drive green and sustainable chemistry particularly in the area of gases among China’s new generation.

Dr. Miao Ping, Director of Asia Technology Centre at Air Products, introduced the company’s innovative gases technologies and their applications in daily live in his keynote speech titled ‘Gas Science Inspires the Future’ at the opening ceremony.

Miao’s presentation also highlighted the company’s milestone projects to help address China’s increasing environmental and energy challenges — hydrogen fuel cell technology powering shuttle buses for a green Olympics and Universiade; hydrogen for refineries that helps reduce PM 2.5 in the air; and carbon capture and oxyfuel technologies for clean air – drawing great interest from the students.

“Air Products has been serving China for over 25 years with a long-standing commitment to sustainable growth in the market,” said Miao. “We’re glad to participate in the contest and play a role to inspire the university students, who are the future of our community, to develop creative ideas on gas science and chemistry for a better tomorrow. This is also a testimony to our continued efforts in talent development.”

The contest runs from now through to November, engaging students from over 120 China’s key universities. Air Products will provide training on new gas technologies to a team of contest finalists and mentor them during the video production. The company will also deliver themed lectures and organise open day activities for students to learn more about the gas industry and its gas applications.