Air Products has announced a new project targeting the extraction of helium from a naturally occurring underground carbon dioxide (CO2) gas source that is being processed by Kinder Morgan CO2 Company, LP at a facility in Doe Canyon, Colorado. Helium production at Doe Canyon is expected to begin in the spring of 2015.

The project will use a new technology process cycle to produce pure helium from the CO2 stream that contains recoverable amounts of helium. Kinder Morgan supplies this CO2 to the Permian Basin in West Texas where the CO2 is used for enhanced oil recovery (EOR). Air Products will extract the helium and return the CO2 stream to Kinder Morgan for its intended EOR use. The purified helium will be liquefied on-site for subsequent delivery to Air Products’ customers. 

Once onstream, the Doe Canyon helium plant would be the only one in the world extracting helium from a gas stream composed primarily of CO2. Air Products’ Doe Canyon helium plant is expected to produce up to 230 million standard cubic feet per year, replacing more than 15 percent of the current Bureau of Land Management (BLM) reserve helium supply as that system declines.

“This is an innovative project and we see this as an opportunity to leverage our proprietary technology for future CO2 on-purpose helium extraction projects. This is a critical step in finding new sources of helium at a time when there is a global shortage,” said Walter Nelson, Director - Helium Sourcing at Air Products. “Many people are aware that helium is a by-product of natural gas processing; however, not all natural gas fields contain helium in high enough concentrations to make it economical for extraction. Combine that with the fact that the existing Bureau of Land Management helium reserve is a finite supply, and it becomes quite clear that it is essential to always be looking for novel ways to secure more helium. This project demonstrates our commitment to our customers.”