Air Products’ PRISM® Membrane technology is enabling vehicles to run on methane at quasar energy group’s biomethane refuelling facility in Columbus, Ohio.

PRISM® PB Membrane modules are the key component of quasar’s biofuelling plant, which uses anaerobic digestion to convert biogas generated from waste products into purified biomethane.

The purified methane produced by quasar is currently fuelling 25-50 municipal trucks, fleet vehicles, and non-commercial CNG vehicles every day.

The robust PRISM PB Membrane modules are a cost-effective way to manufacture a continuous stream of biomethane on-site, containing hollow fiber membranes that use selective permeation to remove unwanted components from the biogas stream – producing methane that is greater than 97% pure.

“It is exciting to provide our PRISM Membrane technology to a company like quasar and see it play a key role in a process that basically takes waste – some of which would have traditionally been hauled to a solid waste landfill – and converts it to energy,” explained Mark Kappes, Business Manager of Membranes at Air Products.

Melvin R. Kurtz, President of quasar, spoke of Air Products commitment to renewable energy and added, “This project illustrates Air Products’ commitment to biofuels and renewable energy, and is another example of how our technology solutions are helping customers minimize their impact on the environment.”

“quasar is committed to producing fuel from organic waste at our anaerobic digestion systems.”

“We are proud to collaborate with Air Products to demonstrate the viability of their PRISM Membrane technology in biogas applications,” Kurtz added.

The resulting stream of high-quality methane is suitable for fuelling vehicles, feeding into the gas grid, or any other outlet that uses natural gas.