Air Products’ pursuit and success in developing large air separation unit (ASU) projects in China has been bolstered with the winning of the second largest ASU onsite order ever awarded to the company for a single project.

The company has signed a long-term agreement with Shanxi Lu’An Mining (Group) Co. Ltd

Air Products will build, own and operate four ASUs producing oxygen, nitrogen, compressed instrument air and steam to supply Lu’An’s multiple process trains at its coal gasification facility to be built in Changzhi City, Shanxi Province, China.

Air Products’ four ASUs will combine to supply over 10,000 tons per day (tpd) of oxygen more than 6,000 tpd of nitrogen, and over 700 tpd of instrument air.

The first of the four ASUs is targeted for on-stream in July 2015; the remaining three are to be operational at one month intervals, with the final ASU scheduled for commercial operation in October 2015.

“It’s been our strategy to pursue large ASU projects in the high growth China coal gasification market, and this four plant configuration represents Air Products’ second largest project ever for a single onsite order. This is another key win and important project for Air Products as we continue to grow our relationship with the major coal groups in China,” said Steve Jones, Air Products’ China President.

The Lu’An win is Air Products’ eighth major investment supporting the gasification segment, and the second supporting the coal to liquid sub-segment in China. Once all the projects under construction are completed, Air Products will have 18 ASUs supplying large tonnage quantities of industrial gases to Chinese gasification facilities.

Among these projects being built by Air Products is the largest single onsite ASU ever awarded to an industrial gas company. The facility will be owned and operated by Air Products in Yulin, Shaanxi Province, China. It will include multiple ASU trains and produce 12,000 tpd of oxygen and significant tonnage volumes of nitrogen and compressed dry air for a coal chemical plant. The facility is to be commercial in 2014.

Lu’An Mining is ranked as one of China’s top 100 companies and is ranked eighth in the Chinese coal industry. Founded in 1959, Lu’An Mining is a Shanxi provincial state-owned coal mining conglomerate with coal mining as its base business and extensions into segments of coal to power, coking, liquids and chemicals.

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