AMCS Corporation, an international supplier of industrial gases and process plants and equipment, has announced an agreement with Denmark’s Strandmøllen A/S.

The agreement will see the company provide Strandmollen with a fully customized ULTRA-ALTM merchant air separation plant (ASU).

Ishmael Chalabi, president of Bedminster, NJ-based AMCS, explained, “We are pleased that Strandmøllen A/S has chosen AMCS as the supplier for their plant in Sweden.”

“We respect the professionalism and industry knowledge of the Strandmøllen team. Strandmøllen had special requirements for the plant due to their operating experiences in Scandinavia. We were able to customize our ULTRA-ALTM plant to meet these special requirements and local site conditions.”

The ULTRA-ALTM ASU is current state-of-the-art in cryogenic plant technology, boasting superior performance, high levels of automation, and flexible operation.

Highly packaged, significantly reducing field erection and installation time and costs, the plant will provide liquid oxygen, liquid nitrogen, and liquid argon products, as well as low-pressure gaseous nitrogen.