New Jersey-based AMCS Corporation, an international supplier of industrial process plants, technology and equipment, has successfully commissioned a new ULTRA-ALTM air separation plant in Agrigento, Sicily.

AMCS designed and built the plant for MedicAir Italia, S.r.l., one of the largest homecare providers in Italy, with different companies supplying medical and technical gases in Italy.

The ULTRA-ALTM plant is based on cutting-edge cryogenic technology designed to ensure superior performance, high levels of automation, and flexible operation. The plant efficiently provides liquid oxygen and liquid nitrogen products and benefits from a highly packaged design, which reduces operating, installation, and construction costs.

In what is understood to be an area of Southern Italy with high electric power costs, the specific power of this new plant provides the owner with a competitive advantage which is sustainable over the life of the plant. The results of performance testing completed in July confirm the plant outperforms all contractual specifications and design parameters.

Ishmael Chalabi, President and CEO of AMCS Corporation, described his pride at another successful project execution in Europe. He said, “We are proud of our association with MedicAir, one of the most important and dynamic Italian groups for homecare medical gases. We value the trust and confidence placed in AMCS by MedicAir’s management and the working relationship we have enjoyed with the MedicAir team.”

“In the past four years, AMCS has successfully brought on-stream in Europe a total production capacity of over 1,200 tons per day ranging from pipeline plants to onsite and merchant liquefiers.”

“Using our extensive process technology,” he continued, “we have provided our clients with competitive power performance and operating flexibility. Our commitments to quality and customer service have been rewarded with repeat business from our European clients. Our ability to execute complex projects in Europe has been enhanced though local partnerships that we have developed. In particular, our key partner in Europe, TecnoCryo S.A., played a valuable role in enabling this deal and contributed to the project with their filling and vacuum jacketed piping technology.”

With headquarters in Italy, MedicAir Italia, S.r.l., operates both in the Italian market with 24 filling stations and directly into Germany with five additional units. The group has demonstrated strong growth in the last 30 years as it integrated the medical business with innovative solutions for different areas, such as biosafety, the food market, and environmental applications.