AMCS Corporation is to continue its relationship with SOL S.p.A after agreeing to supply an ULTRA-ALTM merchant air separation plant (ASU) for use in Bulgaria.

The agreement builds on previous cooperation between the two companies, with AMCS having provided two plants for SOL in Southern Italy in recent years.

This successful dynamic will now be deployed again in Bulgaria, as AMCS gets to grip with the challenges in this geography with the ULTRA plant for SOL.

The ULTRA- ALTM ASU is state-of-the-art cryogenic plant technology with superior performance, high levels of automation, and flexible operation, designed to produce high-purity products including liquid nitrogen, liquid oxygen and liquid argon, along with gaseous nitrogen.

Ishmael Chalabi, President and CEO of AMCS Corporation, “AMCS is delighted for the opportunity to supply SOL with their third ULTRA plant in Europe. We value the confidence and trust that SOL’s management has placed in us; working together over the past few years has fostered an excellent working relationship between our teams at all levels. SOL’s demand for quality and high performance standards has provided our people with the opportunity to develop innovative and competitive solutions.”

“The new project in Bulgaria has some unique challenges and integration opportunities that will provide our client with competitive advantages. It is always nice when a client turns to you again for another plant.”