Analox Sensor Technology has agreed a new partnership aimed at furthering distribution of its products and services across India.

Analox has announced it has appointed Aapsee Controls & Systems Pvt Ltd of Pune, India, as a new distributor.  Aapsee will supply Analox’s industrial range of products, including the Ax 50 fixed carbon dioxide alarm, and the O2NE fixed Oxygen Depletion monitor. 

Aapsee is an established operator in industrial instrumentation, manufacturing a range of gas flow and leak testing applications, process controls and automation systems. The company has three distribution branches in Pune, Chennai and Delhi, as well as area distributors across India.

Mark Lewis, managing director of Analox Sensor Technology, commented, “This is an important partnership for us.  With India’s expanding industrial sector, there is a real need for us to work with local distributors, who understand the marketplace well, making Aapsee the ideal partner company.”

DKVR Vijayababu, Business Development Director for Aapsee Controls & Systems, added, “We’re proud to be working with Analox Sensor Technology, a world-leader in its field of gas analysis equipment.  Gas monitoring equipment goes hand-in-hand with the range of gas leak and flow applications we manufacture, and we’re confident this will be a long and successful relationship, with the Analox products being of great value to our customers.”

Analox Sensor Technology Ltd is based in Stokesley, North Yorkshire, and specialises in the design and manufacture of gas analysers for military and commercial use.