Pittsburgh, PA-based industrial gas and accessories company Butler Gas Products has unveiled its new specialty gas facility, signaling its reinvestment in this area of the gases business.

The Butler Gas Products model is to invest back into the gas business, to become the regional gas manufacturer and distributor of choice. The company unveiled the new facility in March.

The 65-year-old family business drastically renovated the space previously occupied by its original specialty gas facility from the 1980s, and partnered with industry leader Weldcoa to design, build and install several new pieces of specialty gas manufacturing equipment.

In line with its business vision, the specialty gas expansion enables Butler Gas Products to gravimetrically produce specialty mixtures from percent down to ppm concentrations, from up to 10 source gases in-house.

“The Weldcoa team played a vital role in making our specialty gas dream a reality,” shared Jack Butler, president & CEO of Butler Gas Products. “Their high level of innovation in gas production made it a clear fit for investing in our independence.”

The new expansion also includes in-house filling capabilities for 3500, 4500, and 6000 psi in argon, nitrogen, and helium.