Increased product range and market opportunities were cited as key drivers behind the deal, after the Cavagna Group completed the capital acquisition of 100% of Mesura SA recently.

Completion of the deal for the French company, headquartered in Forkling, France, follows a previous disclosure of Cavagna’s intentions in July (2012).

Mesura SA has been operating internationally since 1949 and specialises in the design and manufacture of natural gas and LPG regulators for domestic, commercial and industrial use.

David Cavagna, CEO of the group, said of the deal, “This acquisition is part of Cavagna Group’s growth strategy, and not only intends to expand our product portfolio, but it will allow our group to provide its customers with an extended product range increasing their, as well as our, market share options.”

Bernard Schlick, General Manager of the Group’s Regulator Division, will accompany Mesura SA. in the integration of the two companies and added, “Our project obviously consists in favoring Mesura’s development according to the business objectives, but still remain as faithful as possible to the brand.”