The Compressed Gas Association (CGA) is currently seeking members for its new Natural Gas Technology Committee, after creating the group to address topics related to LNG and CNG.

LNG is increasingly growing in significance to the gases industry, with the establishment of the committee by the CGA appearing to underline this importance.

The committee scope includes cryogenic and non-cryogenic equipment and procedures related to the conditioning, compression/liquefaction, storage, distribution and usage of LNG and CNG.

Proposed standards and guidelines to be generated by the committee include:

· Safe Handling and Operations

· Customer Station Design and Operation

· Production Facility Design and Operation

· Transportation and Transfer

It is understood that the committee will also consider additional topics for standards and guidelines, as needs are identified.

Michael Tiller, president and CEO of the CGA, said of the new group, “The use of liquefied natural gas and compressed natural gas has increased significantly in the US and Canada over the last decade. Consensus safety standards developed by CGA’s new committee are needed to address safety topics related to this expansion of LNG and CNG. Individual state agencies are presently forced to develop their own requirements for LNG and CNG applications because adequate guidance for the scope of issues being addressed by our new Natural Gas Technologies Committee is not currently available.”

“Failure to take action to develop common standards can result in the adoption of inconsistent, ambiguous, or contrary state or jurisdictional requirements, and/or requirements that are impracticable. The Compressed Gas Association will work to create a safe, effective and standardized approach to the issues of this growing industry.”

The Natural Gas Technology Committee will hold its first meeting in October. Any CGA member company is invited to participate, while companies wishing to join CGA to participate in this work effort should visit and select the membership link for more information.